Skilled trades offer path to high pay and opportunity | #education | #technology | #training

Have you ever considered a career in the skilled trades? If you like to work with your hands and aspire to make a good living with low student loan debt, the trades may be right for you.

The skilled trades industry sometimes carries with it certain stigma and perceptions that are inaccurate and outdated. Let’s get real about the skilled trades.

Myth: The skilled trades are for those who wouldn’t do well in college

Occupations within the skilled trades — like electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians — require a high level of problem-solving skills. Trades workers must be knowledgeable about their field, think on their feet, and make decisions every day. Besides, there is far more to being intelligent than just having “book smarts” — trades workers must have “physical smarts” (or kinesthetic intelligence) to succeed in the field.

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