Simple steps to protect your financial accounts from scammers | #computerhacking | #hacking

David T. Mayes

These days, it is impossible to avoid having our personal information stored on a computer system somewhere. Your bank, your brokerage firm, stores and websites where you have made purchases, your health insurance company, your tax preparer, and the government all have important details about your life stored electronically. This certainly makes our lives more convenient, but it also potentially exposes our finances to unscrupulous individuals with their own financial gains in mind. Cybercrime is a big business, measuring in the trillions of dollars worldwide, so it is critically important to take steps to protect your personal information and financial accounts.

Avoiding cyber threats involves two approaches. First, be aware of the techniques used to entice you to reveal your personal information, particularly financial account login details or your Social Security number and other information they can use to open financial accounts in your name that they can access. Second, it pays to go a step further and assume that your personal information, including some username and password details, are already out there on the dark web and available for sale to fraudsters. You can still use some simple tools to make it much harder for this information to be used for financial gain.

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