Sick Putin has 24/7 ‘team of doctors’ following him as he ‘takes treatment breaks in meetings’ | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Shocking photos show how Putin has descended

VLADIMIR Putin has descended from a macho strongman to a bloated butcher who struggles to walk in the space of just three years, pictures reveal.

Since first becoming Russia‘s president in 2000, Vlad has prided himself on his strongman image, having himself photographed riding horses shirtless, taking part in judo demonstrations, tracking tigers, and working out.

But in the past three years, he has become unrecognisable, with his previously gaunt face turning bloated, and his swagger giving way to a feeble, slumped-over stance.

Many pictures have been taken over the years for propaganda purposes, including a 2008 photo of him checking a satellite tracker on a Siberian tiger.

Putin’s seemingly ageless looks have sparked years of rumours that the Russian leader has had regular cosmetic surgery.

In just three years, Putin’s appearance has drastically altered, and where once the Russian leader seemed to be ageing in reverse, his face now appears puffy while his demeanour has also changed.

Pictures released by the Kremlin in 2020 of his end-of-year address show a drastically different Putin from just a year earlier, with his face appearing far puffier.

Gone is the confident, swaggering world statesman, and in its place is a slouching and feeble tyrant.

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