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Naofumi’s multi-world adventure continues in Season 2 of Shield Hero, where he teamed up with a new Cardinal Hero named Kizuna to escape the infinite labyrinth. Thankfully he and his low-level allies are now free, but they have another issue: the logistics of traveling across the nation of Mikakage to reach Kizuna’s destination, the neighboring realm of Sikul.

The party’s other immediate concerns include finding their missing ally Filo and getting money for the road, but at least they have a lead on solving the latter problem. Naofumi’s team gets quick money by using some Toph Beifong-inspired scams from Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s third season. This is what it takes to survive in Shield Hero‘s isekai realm.

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Naofumi’s new friend Kizuna can use the dragon hourglass which, unlike its counterparts in the distant kingdom of Melromarc, can teleport heroes like her to faraway destinations. However, she needs the right paperwork and travel passes to finish the journey, which requires enough cash to afford everything. Naofumi hasn’t had to worry about money since his desperate early days in Season 1 of Shield Hero, so now he must get creative and use what few resources he has on hand to survive.

Luckily, Naofumi has a handful of deluxe potions that can power up and heal the spirit people of the Mikakage nation, which the locals will pay a premium for. But he does more than simply sell the bottles at a competitive market price; he sets up a roadside stall — complete with colorful masks and showmanship — and creates an artificial scarcity.

After several potions are sold, Naofumi arranges to have his new ally Rishia “accidentally” trip and break most of the remaining spirit potions, with just one precious bottle remaining. Naofumi then launches an auction for the last one and sells it for some serious coin. Rishia doesn’t enjoy this but can’t argue with the results, and now the gang can afford whatever they need.

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This street scam adventure may seem a little eyebrow-raising since the esteemed Shield Hero is using dishonest means to squeeze extra cash out of his patrons. On the other hand, the potions Naofumi is selling are all the genuine article; he’s raising the cash not for recreation, but to get his party to Sikul so they can find Filo and defeat their mortal enemy Kyo Ethnina, so he can be forgiven for tricking the locals just this once. Even sticklers for the rules such as Avatar‘s Katara can be understanding of this.

In The Last Airbender’s Season 3 episode titled “The Runaway,” Toph Beifong and her friends Aang and Sokka perform multiple scams in an ordinary Fire Nation town to trick people out of their money — funds they needed to survive far behind enemy lines. Katara didn’t like it at first but came to appreciate the value of those tricks, and even volunteered to help Toph with another one.

That last scam ended in a fight with Combustion Man; fortunately for Naofumi in Shield Hero, no such fight occurred and he laughed all the way to the metaphorical bank. Until he returns home to Melromarc, he’s got all the cash he needs for extra potions, lodgings, food and more. No adventurer, even uptight sticklers, can afford to go without all that.

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