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Sherweb, which brings Microsoft cloud solutions along with its own value-added services to the SMB managed service provider community, has launched what it terms the first in a series of cybersecurity services aimed at Microsoft 365 users.

Sherweb Monday unveiled new managed detection and response services as part of the company’s Office Protect security management platform, said Guillaume Boisvert, director of product innovation for the Sherbrooke, Quebec-based cloud services distributor.

Sherweb has been providing MSPs with cybersecurity technologies to go with their managed services for some time, as well as a security operations center, or SOC, that MSPs can use instead of building their own, Boisvert told CRN.

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“Partners have been asking for more on the management side of security,” he said. “They don’t want to spend the time to know all the ins and outs of Microsoft. They want to leverage our capabilities, and we have visibility across the whole network.”

Sherweb Office Protect’s new managed detection and response services provides security monitoring for Microsoft 365, Boisvert said.

“We’re Microsoft cloud experts,” he said. “Our focus now is on managed detection and response. We provide the knowledge, information on cases, and guidance on resolution.”

Sherweb, with its Office Protect security technology and new managed detection and response capabilities, works with MSPs serving clients with as few as five users with enterprise-quality services, Boisvert said.

“If this was easy, it would have been done by other by now,” he said.

Matthew Cassar, Sherweb co-founder and co-CEO, said his company already has a few hundred MSPs using Office Protect MDR, which is aimed at one of the biggest gaps SMB-focused MSPs face with security.

“Anyone in security knows that when you get a lot of alerts, they can be time consuming to deal with,” Cassar said. “But with our MDR option, basically if you do not have an internal security operation center or NOC (network operations center) to look at those alerts, Sherweb can take that load and let you know when a remediation or something requires intervention. That‘s a gap in the market where we’re investing in making a solution available for our MSPs so they can better serve their SMBs. And of course, it’s on top of Microsoft 365, because it’s by far the most used product. But Microsoft 365 needs to be more SMB friendly. Hence why Office Protect is there. “

Sherweb has always offered a simple and intuitive platform for working with Microsoft 365 that scales well, and the new Office Protect MDR seems to be no exception, said Carson Hagan, vice president, chief information officer, and co-owner of LightWire, a Raleigh, N.C.-based MSP that has worked with Sherweb for over five years.

LightWire already has a team of monitoring and management people, but hiring new people to expand the team means spending a lot of time to get them up to speed, Hagan told CRN.

“If I hire someone, I want to know they know the platform as well as I do,” he said. “But I don’t have the resources to spend on training and getting to where I need them to be. The new managed detection and response offering is a great stopgap technology for us. Sherweb takes responsibility for those operations for us.”

Sherweb has proven to be a pivotal partner to LightWire’s business with its easy platform for selling Microsoft 365 services and delivering those services to clients, Hagan said.

“Office Protect’s customer security controls sets them apart from other cloud services providers,” he said. “It has templates in place that greatly decrease delivery time to protect our clients. I can’t say enough about that. That is time saved. And we also can’t find better support. Sherweb takes the time to care for our customers.”

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