Shaw: Scam story needs more follow-up | #phishing | #scams

Letter by Bill Shaw of Sun City

Please send a follow up letter to the Independent indicating the name of the scammer to keep others from falling prey to their scam (“Lundquist: Unscrupulous contractors take advantage of seniors,” Daily Independent, May 10, 2022). And contact law enforcement (county sheriff) to see if Arizona has a “theft by contract” statute.

I was a victim of a similar scam in Wisconsin and our municipality initiated a criminal case after researching the case. While we never got much of our $5,000 back, our case in Milwaukee County was eventually consolidated with other cases in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties totaling over $500,000.

The contractor went to jail. We only received some small restitution checks while he was in prison but knew that he couldn’t scam others.

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