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Letter by Bill Shaw of Sun City

I had to laugh ‘till I cried in disgust at the fake outrage by Karen Fann over the nonexistent county election fraud she claims was in the AG’s “ludicrous” election report (as aptly described by the honorable Clint Hickman of our County Board of Supervisors in his spot-on counter point to Fann’s lies and misinformation).

Yeah, Karen, it seems you were all too eager to ignore the rare case of blatant voter fraud that did occur. That being the highly publicized case of the Scottsdale registered Republican, Tracey McKee, who voted the ballot of her dead mother — also a registered Republican. One doesn’t need to be Agatha Christie to figure out who “dead mommy” voted for president and U.S. Senate.

Like Ms. Fann, Ms. McKee was also outraged over “rampant” voter fraud that she claimed was present in the 2020 election — spouting (before her conviction) “And I don’t believe that this was a fair election,” she continued, “I do believe there was a lot of voter fraud.” Well, at least that was until she herself was prosecuted for voting “dead mommy’s” ballot for Trump and McSally.

For this rare case of actual voter fraud that Ms. Fann was so outraged over, Ms. McKee served no jail time. Apparently, Ms. Fann was too busy spewing lies about “widespread” voter fraud that she has been too busy to enact stricter penalties for the rare instances that it actually occurs.

Say mandatory jail time and material financial penalty and a felony conviction to strip voting rights for a meaningful time from those convicted of voter fraud.

The judge in McKee’s case said “the record here does not show that this crime is on the rise” as justification for not imposing jail time as a deterrent (despite Ms McKee herself wanting her crime to be punished, or she did until prosecutors proved that it was her who mailed in her “dead mommy’s” ballot).

Perhaps Ms. Fann might read the Independent’s story about Ms. McKee and the judge’s comments. No, I’m guessing that she’d rather spout more lies and misinformation than actually enact real deterrents to prevent more McKee’s.

I guess when Republicans commit actual voter fraud, Fann is all too comfortable turning a blind eye.

P.S. Great coverage of the response from honorable Republicans on our Board of Supervisors and our GOP County Recorder. Although my guess is that despite your great coverage my letter will still generate claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

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