Sex worker’s bodies projected onto Facebook HQ in protest against social media censorship | #socialmedia

In a fight against Instagram and Facebook’s heavy-handed censoring of women and non-binary people’s bodies, a group of adult-content creators had their bodies projected across three London locations, including Facebook’s London Head Office.

The projections took place at approximately 11pm with additional projections on London Bridge and Shoreditch.

This is supported by the new ‘creator first’ adult content company GlamourFans, who arranged the projection protest as part of their pledge to end the policing of women’s bodies.

The company was created to address dissatisfaction and distrust in OnlyFans following its move to ban explicit videos and is a ‘creator first’ alternative.

Jen Cope, Director of GlamourFans says:

“It’s impossible to ignore the growing damage caused by social media censorship. From content creators to sex-positive activists and artists. Big tech companies are policing women’s bodies.

We’re taking a stance against heavy-handed social media policies that say yes to nipples on men, but respond to the bodies of women and non-binary people with removed posts and banned accounts.

People around the world have been fighting against these policies for years, from #freethenipple to the plight of Mums campaigning to be able to post breastfeeding pictures and sex workers waking up to find their accounts permanently banned. We’ve had enough and are proud to be launching a new platform that protects creators and allows them to be free to show and celebrate their bodies. It’s time to shine a light on what Instagram and Facebook are doing. “

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