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We’ve previously discussed the proliferation of online scams that have coincided with spread of this coronavirus.

However, the granddaddy — in this case grand mommy — of all swindles continues to separate well-meaning seniors from their scarce finances, to the frustration of law enforcement and loved ones.

But not this time, thanks to a fast-acting daughter and four on-the-ball Dracut police staffers.

They saved a Florida grandmother’s life savings by managing to head off a $25,000 payment before those con artists could get their hands on it.

As told by Dracut Police Chief Peter Bartlett during his recent monthly report to the Board of Selectmen, on April 3, a woman, whom he identified only as Sophia Fisher, called Dracut and Miami police when she suspected her elderly mother had fallen victim to a scam.

The daughter told police that her mother had received a call claiming that her grandson was arrested and in police custody, and that the boy’s lawyer wanted $25,000 in cash be sent to a Dracut address for bail.

No matter how many times this bogus ploy has been exposed, somehow it still manages to pull at the heartstrings of gullible senior citizens.

Fortunately, the daughter told police the package sent to Dracut containing the cash had not yet been delivered.

With this information, “all the officers went into action and intercepted the delivery before it happened,” Bartlett said.

The incident remains under investigation, but the grandmother in Florida is getting her money back.

Children of elderly parents, do yourself and them a huge favor. Impress upon them to never accede to unverified demands for cash payments, and instead report such incidents to family and police as a warning to other potential targets.

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