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There comes a time in the life of every smart phone user when it suddenly occurs to them: phones contain nearly every aspect of their lives, which means it is especially crucial that their data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The thought of someone gaining access to your data — your contacts, locations, passwords, financial information, and even health info — is nothing short of terrifying. Add to this the fact that it has become easier than ever for identity thieves to track devices without our knowledge and it makes perfect sense that we are all scrambling to ensure our phones are as safe, secure, and private as possible. Fortunately, there are a few signs that you can be on the look-out for if you suspect someone might be tracking your phone. According to Eric Smith, editor in chief of Laptop Verge, this is the best way to tell if your phone is being tracked. 

The good news is that there are a few telltale signs that something fishy is happening with your device — and that, quite possibly, a tracker has been placed on it.  

Strange Apps Appear On Your Phone

“Checking your device’s application list is a simpler approach to see if you’re being tracked,” Smith says. “If you have any questionable apps installed on your device, it’s likely that they’re being used to track your activity.”

More Energy Is Being Consumed 

“Installing spy software on your device may result in a significant rise in energy usage,” Smith says. “It’s quite likely that someone is following your iPhone if you notice that you have to charge your battery more frequently than usual. Although this is a signal, keep in mind that as your gadget gets older, your battery life will decrease. Sudden battery draining are something to be aware of.”

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Creating Noise During a Call


A weak connection can result in hearing background noise when making or receiving a call, Smith confirms — but it isn’t always innocent. “It could also mean that surveillance software is installed on your device,” Smith says. “This is due to the fact that some spy software can record phone calls, which can result in the noises you hear while on the phone. Beeping, static, clicking, and even actual voices are examples of these noises.”


Your iPhone Randomly Shuts Down


Unless you are purposely switching it off, your phone should not spontaneously shut down. “Even when fully charged, does your iPhone occasionally shut down?” Smith says. “If this occurs frequently, you should scan the device for unauthorized surveillance software. Spy software of poor quality can cause your gadget to malfunction, leading it to shut down at inconvenient times.”


Strange Messages Appear In Your Inbox 


If your inbox is overflowing with strange messages containing some form of code, it’s a sign that your smartphone is infected with spyware. “These codes are sent by remote managers to check the status of a spy program,” Smith confirms. 


Unusual Browser History


And, finally: if you’re noticing that your typical browser activity doesn’t line up with your actual browser activity, that’s a sure sign that someone could be tracking you. “Checking your phone’s browser history is one of the simplest ways to see if your phone has been tracked,” Smith says. “Someone may have accessed any pages you don’t recall visiting in order to install the spyware app on your device.”


Just the thought of being tracked on your iPhone is frightening. But if you keep these tips in mind you can cut off a privacy attack before the intruder has a chance to access most of your data and compromise your security. 

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