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Up to 10% of A1 Hrvatska’s customers could have had their personal details compromised due to security breach.

In a statement addressed to the media the Croatian operator said: “Unfortunately, despite advanced protection measures and the constant raising of the level of security, a security incident occurred related to one of the user databases, which compromised part of the personal data of part A1 of users. Intensive work is being done to establish all the facts related to the security incident, and so far computer forensics has determined that potentially compromised data are less than 10% of A1 users. The data on display are name and surname, address, OIB and telephone number. We emphasize that information on bank cards and accounts is not compromised because it is not available in the specified database. We will directly inform all users whose personal data is potentially compromised.

“A1 Hrvatska takes this embarrassing situation extremely seriously and, immediately after the first signs of suspicion of unauthorised access to the user base, immediately and without delay prevented further unauthorised access and took additional protection measures. A criminal report was also immediately filed with the Zagreb Police Administration, and information experts were involved in discovering the perpetrators of the crime. Also, the competent institutions HAKOM and AZOP, with which we cooperate intensively, were informed.

“A1 Hrvatska adheres to the highest security standards and data protection and we will continue to make additional investments in improving the security environment. The recurrence of this security incident is not possible and has not had and will not affect the provision of services to customers”.

The operator concluded by saying that it will inform users in a timely manner about further actions related to this event.

A1 Hrvatska, formerly known as Vipnet, is part of A1 Telekom Austria Group.

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