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The Security & Safety Officer advises and supports the delegation Management on potential risks to ICRC and ensures, together with the Management, the proper functioning of the Delegation’s security management system. The Security and Safety Officer will initially function under the direct supervision of the Head of Operations, with a technical support from the regional Security and Crisis Management Adviser (SCMA), to ensure that the security and safety measures (both compulsory and context specific) are implemented and effective and that all ICRC staff (all personnel falling under the ICRC security and safety duty of care) adhere to them at all times.

ACCOUNTABILITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Strategic: ➢ Advises Management on the potential risks to the ICRC staff, assets, operations and reputation, based on an analysis of the security environment in the region. ➢ Advises Management on the adjustments required in the overall approach to security, in line with the organizational Duty of Care (DoC) obligation and, contributes to the delegation’s security guidelines and regulations, develops protocols and tools and, ensures all advices are made in line with Doctrine-16 (ICRC Field Security concept). Technical: ➢ Develops security rules and relevant security, safety and crisis management protocols and ensures periodic reviews and compliance. ➢ Develops monitoring tools for a number of security-related issues (incidents, passive security measures, car movements, etc.) ➢ Prepares written briefing or welcome package on safety for all new delegates/staff/visitors (including overview of the security and safety situation, emergency numbers, basic rules, no-go areas, curfew, medical issues, etc.) and oversees the quarterly updating of the Welcome file (Security section). ➢ Supports Management in updating internal database (for example security incidents) and encourages staff to comply with its systematic use. ➢ Assesses and advises the Administration department on the content of service contracts, including on issues of data-protection. ➢ Reviews/updates all security documents (risk assessments, guidelines, protocols, etc.), minimum once a year and recommends adaptations based on his/her professional judgment. Operational: ➢ Monitors security and safety developments on a daily basis, through leading the work of a Security Cell composed Premises and Fleet ➢ Contributes to the organization/coordination and running of the Security Working Group (involving all concerned departments of the delegation) ➢ Liaises regularly with said departments and monitors compliance with their respective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), a few examples: • ICT: monitoring of field movements through mobile phones or other means. • LOG: Vehicle equipment and maintenance, car accident protocol • HR: Updated list of staff (with names, addresses and contact numbers) kept centrally at the Welcome department and made available to all. • ADMIN/PREMISES: Monitoring system of compulsory passive security measures for all offices/residences ➢ Participates in the monthly delegation meetings and provides analysis on developments and potential safety impacts on ICRC staff & assets. ➢ Provides security and safety support (upon instructions of DHoD/Head of Operations) to all missions and zones within the RD. ➢ Ensures critical incident management systems are in place and updated when/where required (including, when relevant, relocation plans, contingency plans, evacuation plans, etc.) and that all staff in MEX are trained on how to behave in case of emergency (Fire/Medical evacuation, mass demonstrations, natural disasters, etc.). ➢ Helps identify needs for training and/or capacity building and assists in organizing and conducting training sessions. Is the focal person for security-related training. ➢ Is available to respond to any security and safety incident at all times.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED ➢ Security/safety management background preferred, experience in crisis management a strong asset. ➢ Mastery of Spanish language, communication ability in English and/or French. ➢ Computer proficiency ➢ 6-9 years’ experience in a similar field of activity SKILLS ➢ Strong analytical, very good organizational and good communication skills ➢ Leadership ➢ Accountability ➢ People management: Proven managerial skills ➢ Teamwork & Collaboration ➢ Representing the ICRC ➢ Beneficiary & Client focused

How to apply

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION What we offer: Competitive Salary, higher benefits than the law, opportunity to contribute to an international humanitarian organization. Workplace: Mexico City with availability of frequent trips

HOW TO APPLY Candidates who meet the above requirements, please send your application to: Deadline to receive applications: 24:00 hrs, 14th August 2022 Please also include details of your salary expectations. Foreign candidates must have a work visa in Mexico to apply

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