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Thank You again for Your response
I know that 1Password/Lastpass/Bitwarden looks and is great. It has many features that makes Your life more convinient and secure, I guess.
But… What if the most important for me is possibility to save login/password OR just a PIN card OR secure questions OR something like Apple Recovery Key? This flexibility (and security!) is what I need.
1. Keychain on iPhone sucks in comparision to Mac because it has just 3 gaps- url (I need to make that one up in most cases because there is no URL when it comes to PINs or secure questions etc.), login (something like description in most cases) and password (or PIN or something secretish). It is visible in iPhones Passwords, Mac Keychain Access and Safari (that one is unnecesary for me).
2. is much more flexible but I have no idea if it’s secure and private while transferring fromto iCloud and readingwriting or just using…

Is 1 or 2 (second is the one I prefer) a way, or my passwords will be endangered and the only way is just third-party app or learning it all by heart? :

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