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The Secret Service announced its Most Wanted Fugitives on Wednesday featuring suspects accused of participating in various financial and fraud schemes. 

Most of the ten suspects are citizens of Russia and Ukraine and are accused of an array of financial crimes that include securities fraud, money laundering and wire and computer fraud. Aside from protecting the president and other leaders, the federal agency investigates financial and cybercrimes. 

Among the listed fugitives is Artem Viacheslavovich Radchenko, a citizen of Ukraine, who is accused of recruiting another person on the list, Oleksandr Vitalyevich Ieremenko, both 29, and others who hacked into the computer networks of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and took data related to the financial earnings of publicly traded companies before they were released.

The Secret Service announced its 10 most wanted fugitives Wednesday: Ahmed Yassine Abdelghani; Pavel Pavlovich Dubovoy; Oleksandr Vitalyevich Ieremenko; Allan Esteban Hidalgo Jimenez; Dmitrii Vadimovich Karasavidi; Roman Sergeevich Kotov; Farkhad Rauf Ogly Manokhin; Danil Potekhin; Artem Viacheslavovich Radchenko and Rashawd Lamar Tulloch.
(United States Secret Service)

A $1 million reward is being offered for both men. 

Allan Garcia, 36, a citizen of Costa Rica, allegedly managed the daily operations of Liberty Reserve, which operated in digital currency. Federal prosecutors allege the company was a payment processor designed to help users hide transactions and launder proceeds obtained from crimes. 

“The company grew into a financial hub of the cybercrime world, facilitating a broad range of online criminal activity, including credit card fraud, identity theft, investment fraud, computer hacking, child pornography, and narcotics trafficking,” the Secret Service said. 


An American citizen, Rashawd Lamar Tulloch, 33, acted as a third-party money launderer that stemmed from defrauding victims of millions of dollars through online auction fraud through a Romania-based group. Tulloch managed an operation to receive and convert the payments into bitcoin or cash, authorities said. 

Others on the Most Wanted list include Russian citizens: Roman Sergeevich Kotov Danil Potekhin; Dmitrii Vadimovich Karasavidi; Farkhad Rauf Ogly Manokhin; Ahmed Yassine Abdelghani and 38-year-old Pavel Pavlovich Dubovoy of Ukraine. 

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