Scripps enters fourth week of ransomware attack | #malware | #ransomware

Fallout from the ransomware attack against Scripps Health continues into its fourth week with no estimate from the region’s second-largest health care provider on when it expects operations to return to normal.

An emergency room nurse at one of Scripps’ four hospitals said Monday that after working through the weekend, medical records access remains read-only, meaning that doctors can use a handful of computers to look up care delivered prior to May 1, but only for those who were already patients.

Paper remains the main way of documenting care delivered since digital networks went down and that, the nurse said, has strained the staff.

“We operate physically tired, that’s standard, but now we are mentally exhausted,” the nurse said. “Just like driving, when you are exhausted, it is dangerous.

“Someone will make a mistake and someone will get hurt.”

Scripps continued its silence on the matter Monday, declining to say more about a range of unanswered questions including whether attackers made off with private patient information.

Ransomware sites commonly used to publish stolen records when their victims choose to rebuild from backups rather than pay up so far do not show any mention of the incident.

MyScripps, the digital patient portal most use to access appointment information and communicate with doctors, remained offline Monday.

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