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A brute attacked cops after he was caught hiding behind a mattress in a bedroom at his partner’s home.

Daniel Skelton, 33, brazenly broke a Non Harrassment Order (NHO) protecting his partner Angela Lee.

Skelton then assaulted officers called to the house in Renfrew on April 19.

A trial at Paisley Sheriff Court heard police were sent to the house following allegations from child protection services.

Police officer Zain Kayani, 29, told the court he recognised Skelton’s voice coming from inside the property when he knocked on the door.

He said: “We received no reply. We chapped and chapped the door. Even called through the letter box.

“The door was opened by Angela Lee and we explained we had a child protection call.

“We asked who was at the property. She said no one else was there. Just her and her children.”

Procurator fiscal depute Maureen McGovern asked the constable how he progressed the inquiry.

He said: “Computer checks revealed there were a number of markers against his name as Mr Skelton was subject to an NHO.

“Additional officers attended the house to search for him.

“He was found behind a mattress in the bedroom, standing against a wall.

“He was arrested but he did not go quietly.”

Skelton appeared for trial and was cleared of a charge of child assault.

Prosecutors dropped a second charge of public disorder involving a young child.

However, he pleaded guilty to charges of breaching the NHO protecting Ms Lee by being found in her home.

He admitted assaulting PC Fraser Williams by striking him on the head.

Skelton pleaded guilty to a charge of obstructing, hindering and resisting arrest by flailing his arms and kicking out with his legs.

He also admitted assaulting PC Alan Kerr by striking him with his head.

And he pleaded guilty to a charge of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner by shouting, swearing and uttering homophobic remarks at cops en route to the police station.

Sheriff Eoin McGinty acquitted him of two charges, but remanded him in custody to call for background reports and a Restriction of Liberty Order assessment.

He told him: “All options are open to the court but, given the nature of the charges, custody is first and foremost in my mind.”

Skelton will discover his fate when he returns to court on June 15.

Previously, he was caged for 14 months for assaulting his partner.

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