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image captionFirst Minister Nicola Sturgeon has not ruled out extending Covid vaccines to the over-12s, going against the advice of UK vaccine experts, The Scotsman writes. Ms Sturgeon’s comments came as she gave her latest briefing on Covid restrictions, which dominates the front pages of Wednesday’s newspapers.
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image captionThe Daily Telegraph carries the same story, saying that Ms Sturgeon has hinted that she will “break ranks” with the UK and roll out vaccines to all secondary school children in order to fight new variants of the virus.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail asks is Covid really in retreat? The headline is based on comments from UK Government adviser Prof Neil Ferguson that “the bulk” of the pandemic could be behind us by the autumn.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Express brands the same government expert “Professor Upbeat”, saying that the Imperial College epidemiologist’s “bold predictions” suggest Covid will no longer be a major threat to our way of life by October.
image captionAnti-vaxxers who spread misinformation about Covid on social media are “putting lives at risk” says Nicola Sturgeon, according to the Daily Record. It reports that the first minister launched a “furious attack” on vaccine protestors for their “anti-social behaviour”.
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image captionCovid shielding was “too limited” to protect high-risk people, The Herald reports. It says Glasgow University research of more than one million patients shows those told to isolate were eight times more likely to contract the virus.
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image captionThe first minister is “optimistic” about Covid restrictions easing as planned in Scotland on 9 August, says the i newspaper as it reports on Nicola Sturgeon’s briefing.
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image captionThe Metro says Scotland is “on the brink of freedom”, after Covid cases have more than halved over the past three weeks – with a daily average of 1,523 new cases last week.
image captionThe Times reports that UK ministers plan to allow fully vaccinated travellers from the EU and US to avoid quarantine. It says the rule change is planned for England after Prime Minister Boris Johnson became concerned that the EU is ahead of Britain in reopening to international travel.
image captionThe Scottish Sun leads with the story of a priest who was attacked as he prayed in an Edinburgh cathedral by a man with a glass bottle. It reports that Deputy First Minister John Swinney described the bottle assault as “an unacceptable incident”.
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image captionThe Press and Journal has tributes to a young footballer killed in a crash. Stuart Begg, 18, died after his green Ford Fiesta collided with a yellow Ford Transit on the A96, near Keith.
image captionPlans for a new “green port” in Fife have been submitted to the Scottish government, with potential sites from Longannet to Rosyth being examined, The Courier reports.
image captionYoung Scots are being “short-changed” on jobs by the UK government, with only 1.5% of 250,000 promised posts being launched, writes The National newspaper.
image captionThe Glasgow Times writes that 10 years since the collapse of a city snooker hall, residents and business owners are still living with the aftermath of an ongoing legal dispute between Glasgow City Council and Aviva insurance company.
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image captionA “have-a-go hero” was kicked in the head and knocked unconscious when he tried to help a youth who had been threatened by a group of teens, the Evening Express reports.
image captionThe Edinburgh Evening News writes that a man who admitted downloading more than 5,000 child abuse images was allowed to return to work at Heriot-Watt University until his court case despite the institution knowing of the allegations.
image captionAn offshore worker faked his own death after threatening to murder his former partner in a series of “chilling text messages”, the Evening Telegraph reports.
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image captionThe Daily Star awards Piers Morgan a medal for “biggest numpty” and calls him a “top-class loser” after he criticised silver and bronze medals at the Olympics.

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