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There’s no point in arguing about Marvel and DC. Both comic book brands have developed loyal fanbases for a reason, and a majority of superhero buffs enjoy both. Comic book fans should simply be thankful that we’re getting so many films inspired by both publishers. You can love both the Avengers and the Justice League! There’s no point in trying to pit them against each other.

That being said, if the Avengers were able to pull together and defeat Thanos, it’s reasonable to think that the Justice League could do the same. If we had to single out just one member of the Justice League to defend Earth against Thanos, it would have to be Superman. We’re specifically selecting the version of Clark Kent played by Christopher Reeve. While Henry Cavill’s version of Superman from the modern DCEU may be too ignorant of collateral damage, Reeve’s Superman has the one quality that has always eluded Thanos: compassion.

Although Reeve’s version of Superman will always be a charming farm boy at heart, that doesn’t mean that we would want to get on his bad side. In “Superman: The Movie,” Superman flies around the Earth to turn back time and save Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) from death. He’s also no novice when it comes to battling super villains. In “Superman II,” Superman defeats General Zod (Terrence Stamp) in battle.

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