Scam alert: Police in ‘romance scam’ warning after victim conned out of thousands | #socialmedia

POLICE are warning Helensburgh and Lomond residents to be on the lookout for so-called ‘romance scams’.

According to Police Scotland’s Argyll and Bute partnership officer, Laura Evans, one person in the area who fell victim to such a scam ended up being defrauded of several thousands of pounds.

Constable Evans said: “Romance scams are incredibly upsetting as they take advantage of someone’s emotions.

“Often those being scammed will be in denial and will believe they are in a genuine relationship.

“The scammers often say they are living or travelling abroad, are in the military, a doctor or working on an oil rig.


PC Laura Evans


“We would advise you to never send money (or gift cards) to someone you haven’t actually met in person.”

Common themes to watch out for include an attractive social media profile picture, often a stolen photograph, the scammer asking lots of questions about you, and a conversation turning romantic very quickly, showering the target with compliments.

The scammer will then ask the victim to lend them money, or encourage them to offer money – often to pay for medical care, for a flight to meet you, or to help them out of trouble.

If you believe you have been victim of a scam, contact your bank immediately and contact Police Scotland on 101.

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