Scam alert: Fake sites target The Star with shady Facebook ads | #phishing | #scams

PETALING JAYA: Dodgy sites with sponsored Facebook ads are impersonating The Star and its online news portal in a targeted attack.

These dubious ads lead to shady websites using The Star’s images, templates and logo.

The official website of The Star – which Reuters named one of the most trusted sources of news in Malaysia – is

Please be mindful and cautious when visiting spoof websites that are not affiliated with The Star.

Readers are urged to not share any personal information if they encounter scams such as these on social media, online websites or any chat and messaging platforms.

Those who come across fake Facebook ads or pages impersonating The Star or any other brands, are urged to file a report with Facebook.

The company is undertaking measures to address this matter.

The Star also urges Facebook to take more concrete steps to prevent the proliferation of pages impersonating established, credible brands to sponsor misleading ads and scam sites on its social media platforms.

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