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CROMWELL, CT — Better Business Bureau serving Connecticut is advising people to be wary of unsolicited text messages appearing to come from wrong numbers. For three days in a row this week, BBB’s Scam Tracker received reports of Connecticut residents receiving a text from someone pretending to know them and engaging with them, asking questions and providing links to click on. Residents of Better Business Bureaus across the country, from Georgia to New York, and Kentucky to California have received similar scam reports in their states recently. These communications often appear to use a photo of a young woman who is trying to text a friend. Clicking on the links may lead you to explicit photos. They may also be a premise to a more sinister “romance scam” or a way for con artists to simply collect working cell phone numbers for future scam attempts. 


One Connecticut resident described the text messaging incident as follows:


“I received a text message from an unknown number saying “Thx for standing up for me yesterday! Hope it was worth missing out on this ;(” with a picture of a woman attached. I did not respond to the message.. I almost wrote back that they had the wrong number, but I am glad I did not respond because I believe this is a scam. Someone posted on Facebook that they received a text with the same picture.”


Another shared the text message they received:


“What’s up! U probably do not remember me but I was hoping ya could be willing to help me have a little relaxation today like the last!” Shares a picture of a young woman.

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