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Want to give your devices a spring clean and service? Then look no further than CCleaner’s suite of apps, discounted for Black Friday.

CCleaner is a company that wants nothing more than to improve your digital life and well-being. Right now, the brand’s flagship protection package, CCleaner Professional, is on sale for 50 percent off.

How Important Is the Health of Your PC?

The CCleaner Black Friday event is bigger than any that its held previously—50 percent off of its most-trusted suite of protective software, all in one incredible bundle.

With a CCleaner subscription, you’ll get:

  • World-class PC clean-up and optimization
  • Six incredible apps
  • Support for up to five PCs
  • 24/7 call-in and chat

Aside from CCleaner, you’ll also get licenses for the professional versions of the following apps:

  • Kamo: designed to throw off ne’er-do-wells from the outside. This app prevents others from tracking you online, protects your browsing history, and prevents your data from being stolen, stored, and collected.
  • CCleaner Browser: this secure and lightweight web browser includes anti-fingerprinting software and ad-blockers. It might also extend your battery life while browsing by up to 20 percent.
  • Defraggler: this defragging software slices and dices your digital life, rearranging all of the pieces into the most efficient configuration possible.
  • Recuva: this is your essential, all-around file recovery app. Crashes, accidents, and other forms of disaster stand no chance.
  • Speccy: Speccy is a viewport into advanced system information regarding your computer and the state that it’s in. Both at-a-glance and more comprehensive reports show you the complete picture; no digging around required.

These six apps come together in one of the most accommodating and thorough collections of software built for the health of the system and the safety of the user.

This promotion runs through December 1st, and the clock is ticking. A clean, efficient, and secure PC is one of the best gifts that you can give this year, whether for your partner, your kid, or even just your parents. Just head to to take advantage of this deal.


BUY NOW CCleaner Professional

What Can CCleaner Professional Do For You?

As soon as this software hits your computer, you’ll be presented with several starter tasks—a PC health check, tracker removal in your preferred browser, and even prompts encouraging you to update your drivers and set up an automatic cleaning routine.

What else is there to discover? Some of the most valuable features and capabilities CCleaner offers:

  • CCleaner scrubs your computer down from the inside out; no stone goes unturned, including your hard drive, your browser, and your collection of apps
  • The service can help you reduce clutter on your hard drive automatically, clearing up that space for more important things
  • It updates your drivers, preventing apps from crashing and improving sound and picture performance
  • It also checks your software for updates, finding common ground between apps of different generations—no more security holes in between, even if you’ve been updating everything piecemeal for years
  • CCleaner and Kamo help you keep your browsing history safe from prying eyes; if privacy is important to you, you’re in safe hands here

According to the company’s site, Passmark found that a CCleaner Professional subscription will save you up to 36 percent of your computer’s RAM on average and 34 GB annually through routine maintenance. You stand to improve your PC’s performance by nearly 60 percent; CCleaner gets the job done 20 percent faster than a human engineer making these rounds on his or her own.

Clean Up Shop With CCleaner This Black Friday

We hate to make it a numbers game, but the facts are difficult to deny. You’ve got until December 1st to see what CCleaner can do for you, your home, and your family. We cordially invite you to turbo-charge your computer’s performance, just in time for Christmas.

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