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As part of a larger effort to further expand the two firms’ partnership, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG will integrate its extensive range of SAP software and solutions into SecurityBridge’s security platform which is also dedicated to building tools for the SAP ecosystem.

Highlighting the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the latest SAP innovation and technologies, SAP global strategic partner NTT DATA Business Solutions AG was honoured with multiple SAP Partner Excellence Awards spanning five regions across the globe. Last month, the company also earned the SAP Partner Centre of Expertise (COE) certification as a result of its exhibition of quality assurance initiatives in 24 countries worldwide.

Furthermore, the company has also been recognised in the SAP UK and Ireland Innovation Labs’ Hackathon 2022 where SAP partners were involved in developing and deploying new solutions based on SAP applications, including the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), to foster the smart cities of the future. The team from NTT DATA Business Solutions AG placed second after creating a pilot for an application called Sci-tizen, which delivers citizen-centric solutions based on residents’ preferences, including transportation and food requirements.

Recently, the Bielefeld-headquartered firm further reinforced its SAP capabilities with the expansion of its partnership with SAP Security Platform provider SecurityBridge. By improving the cybersecurity of various organisations’ processes, customers of some of the world’s leading SAP consultants for the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) industry will reap the benefits of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG and SecurityBridge’s team-up.

Integrating NTT’s SAP Software and Solutions with SecurityBridge

It has already been three years since the two IT service companies began cooperating in the North-European markets. Currently, the scope of their collaboration is being extended to include the rest of the world. Nicolaj Vang Jessen, Executive Vice President, Global Innovation & IP, Global SAP Alliances and Region NEE at NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, shared in a press release statement:

“The expansion of our partnership with SecurityBridge is an important step in complementing our portfolio. It will help us strengthen our position in a dynamic market environment and underpin our leading role as SAP Partner.”

SecurityBridge’s platform, which is fully integrated with SAP, intends to monitor and safeguard against cyber-attacks at an early phase, allowing businesses to remain competitive. In addition to cyber-attack detection, the platform aims to deliver in-depth analysis tools to uncover not only insecure configurations and missing security upgrades, but also vulnerabilities in clients’ own SAP projects.

Commenting on the recently announced expanded cooperation with NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, SecurityBridge Chief Executive Officer Cristoph Nagy said:

“The partnership with NTT DATA Business Solutions AG allows us to bring the added value of our integrated and holistic SAP security solution, the SecurityBridge platform, to many SAP customers. In this way, we improve resilience against cyber-attacks on critical SAP applications.”

By integrating with SecurityBridge’s platform, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG will now be able to provide increased capabilities and applications for continually monitoring, upgrading, and maintaining the overall security of a customer’s SAP landscape. Moreover, the platform’s automated functionalities aim to lower the amount of manual work required by the customer’s SAP department, which could then result in a more reliable and accurate performance.

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