Samsung removes Galaxy J3 Pop, A3 2017, A5 2017, and A7 2017 from its security updates schedule | #Adroid | #security

Samsung has been doing a great job of pushing security updates to its devices over the last couple of months. The company’s security update schedule has improved to the extent that it’s now pushing the latest Android security patches to some of its devices even before Google officially publishes the corresponding Android Security Bulletin. On top of that, Samsung recently announced that it would offer three generations of Android OS upgrades for most of its devices, which is the same level of software support that Google offers for its Pixel lineup. But while the company may release software updates for a longer duration to devices launched in the last couple of years, it has removed four phones from 2017 from its security update bulletin.

As per a recent report from Android Police, Samsung recently updated its Security Updates page and removed four devices from the security updates list: the Galaxy J3 Pop, Galaxy A5 2017, Galaxy A3 2017, and the Galaxy A7 2017. This means that these devices won’t get any Android security patches going forward. Along with these devices, Samsung also removed the Galaxy Fold 5G from the update list, but that seems to have been an error on the company’s part. The foldable device has now been added back to the monthly security update list.

The report further reveals that Samsung has moved the Galaxy A8 2018 from the monthly update schedule to the quarterly update schedule. The Galaxy A8s, on the other hand, has been moved to the “other regular” patches list. Samsung has also added the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra to the monthly updates list, while the Galaxy A02 and Galaxy M12 have been added to the quarterly updates list.

Head over to Samsung’s Security Updates page to check the Android security update schedule for your device.

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