Safari 14.1 on Macs Running macOS Catalina, Mojave are Broken After the Latest Updates | #macos | #macsecurity

The Safari browser is fairly popular among macOS and iOS users, but a new Apple update appears to have broken it. According to multiple posts by affronted users on both official and unofficial Apple forums, Safari 14.1, which is the latest app version for the browser on Mac, has a flaw where a website loads in full, automatically reloads and shows an irreversible error message that prompts, “A problem repeatedly occurred”. It is not clear exactly what the issue is, and specifically what it may be linked to, but given that the official Apple forum as well as others such as the Macrumors forum are now full of complaints about the broken Safari 14.1 web browser, we reckon this is not exactly an isolated incident.

News18 has reached out to Apple for a clarification on the matter, and an official explanation about the flaw is awaited at the time of publication. From what could be gleaned off the forum posts, many are facing the issue after having extensions enabled on their Safari browsers, and disabling them appear to be fixing the repeated reload error. Some users have also posted that as a quick fix, disabling and re-enabling the extensions appear to be fixing the flaw for now. However, some users have still stated that even this has not fixed the issue for them. The problem is recurrent only on older versions of macOS, with most users citing that the issue has come with macOS Catalina and Mojave’s latest security updates.

Some users have further stated that the problem may lie with a javascript loading error, and disabling Java on macOS where Safari 14.1 is broken may allow webpages to load. However, each of these workarounds are temporary at best, since disabling extensions or Java would severely hamper the usage experience, including the ability to load webpages in some cases. In many cases, even disabling Java and extensions are not helping users to fix the flaw and continue using Safari. As stated before, Apple is yet to offer an explanation as to why this has happened, or when might a fix be issued.

As per the forum posts, many have stated that reinstalling macOS on their MacBooks and other Mac devices may also solve the issue, but that appears to be too far a step to take to fix a browser flaw. Users facing the glitch are advised to hold back on reinstalling their operating systems, since Apple is fairly prompting at fixing what its developers break in process. Issues regarding Safari failing to load webpages have occurred previously as well, so hopefully, the next software update for macOS Catalina and Mojave should fix it.

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