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Dateline Moscow, Kyiv, Brussels, and Washington: Low-level cyberwar, with the possibility of escalation.

Ukraine at D+28: Concerns about failure-driven escalation. (The CyberWire) Russian forces remain stalled, and NATO is wary of compensatory Russian escalation, both with special and cyber weapons.

Key moments in Russia’s month-old war in Ukraine (AP NEWS) Russia’s war in Ukraine has killed thousands, extensively damaged some cities and forced millions to flee their homes. The largest military conflict in Europe since World War II has also upset the international security order and sent dangerous ripples through the global economy .

4 weeks, still defiant: Ukraine fights into 2nd month of war (AP NEWS) One month of war, still defiant. With its government still standing and its outnumbered troops battling Russian forces to bloody stalemates in multiple places, Ukraine is scarred, wounded, mourning its dead but far from beaten as it braces for a second month of bombing, combat, casualties and resistance.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events from day 29 (Al Jazeera) As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 29th day, we take a look at the main developments.

Four weeks into Ukraine invasion, evidence points to Russian war crimes, U.S. says (Washington Post) Biden administration cites attacks on hospitals as NATO leaders prepare to increase pressure on Moscow

Ukraine’s Mykolaiv has held off Russian forces. Bodies are piling up anyway. (Washington Post) Sergey was at the morgue to pick up the body of his baby brother. Then he walked into a room with corpses organized in rows on the floor. Most were dressed in military fatigues and mangled. Some were missing limbs. He wondered if he knew some of them, he said, but it’s hard to keep track of who is alive and who is dead these days.

Russia ‘pulls back helicopters’ from key airport in Ukraine’s south as setbacks mount (The Telegraph) Satellite images suggest Russian helicopters have been removed from Kherson airfield as Russian troops struggle to quell fierce resistance

NATO: 7,000 to 15,000 Russian troops dead in Ukraine (Military Times) A senior NATO military official said the alliance’s estimate was based on information from Ukrainian officials, what Russia has released and intelligence gathered from open sources.

Why Russian generals keep getting killed in Ukraine (Task & Purpose) The Russians have lost more general officers than any other military in decades.

‘The Ukrainians Are Listening’: Russia’s Military Radios Are Getting Owned (Foreign Policy) Russia’s encrypted military phones aren’t working. So they’ve resorted to stealing phones from Ukrainians.

Half of Russian troops advancing on key Ukrainian city ‘have frostbite’ (The Telegraph) Alleged intercepted call between Russian officer and superior lays bare the harsh conditions facing Russian troops approaching Mykolaiv

Outnumbered five to one, Ukraine’s top guns fend off Russian fighter jets against the odds (The Telegraph) During a month at war, Kyiv’s pilots have stymied Moscow’s attempt to establish air superiority despite being given little chance

What We Learned from Russia’s Assaults on Nuclear Plants (Defense One) Governments, international organizations, and nuclear plant operators have a lot of work to do.

Sergei Lavrov accuses US of hindering peace talks by ‘holding Ukraine by the hand’ (The Telegraph) The Russian foreign minister claims that a swift end to the negotiations would be ‘disadvantageous for the Americans’

Top Russian military leaders repeatedly decline calls from U.S., prompting fears of ‘sleepwalking into war’ (Washington Post) Lack of communication leaves the world’s two largest nuclear powers in the dark about explanations for military movements from senior officials

Kyiv attacks Russian state TV hosts calling for nuclear strikes on Ukraine (The Telegraph) Country’s foreign minister condemns Kremlin propagandists who argued the case for tactical nuclear attacks

Russian War Report: Russian Duma members falsely claim Ukraine is creating ethnicity-targeting bioweapons (Atlantic Council) Members of the Russian Duma accused Ukraine and the US of creating bioweapons and researching “regional infections aimed at Russian regions.”

Zelenskyy pleads for aid as Biden, allies begin summits (AP NEWS) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for “military assistance without limitations” as he addressed an emergency NATO summit on Thursday, the first of three urgent meetings U.S.

Western nations to bolster Ukraine aid (Reuters) Western leaders meeting in Brussels on Thursday will agree to strengthen their forces in Eastern Europe and increase military aid to Ukraine as the Russian assault on its neighbour entered its second month.

US Mulls Larger Permanent Force in Europe, Sends More Missiles to Ukraine (Defense One) U.S., NATO will take “hard look” at European security footprint no matter how the Ukrainian fight goes, U.S. official says.

NATO to bolster ranks, help Ukraine counter chemical attack (AP NEWS) NATO leaders are set to agree to station more forces in Eastern Europe to deter Russia from invading any member of their ranks and to send equipment to Ukraine to help it defend against chemical or biological attacks, the organization’s top civilian official said Wednesday.

NATO members to pledge support for Ukraine against potential chem-bio attacks (Defense News) The support is meant to protect the alliance’s own member nations, who would also suffer from contamination if Russia used a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) weapon against Ukraine.

U.S. Makes Contingency Plans in Case Russia Uses Its Most Powerful Weapons (New York Times) A team of national security officials has been assigned to sketch out responses if President Vladimir V. Putin unleashes chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

At Polish site, Ukrainians train to fly drones for rescue missions and targeting Russians (Washington Post) An American manufacturer is providing the aircraft and teaching the Ukrainians how to operate them

Belarusians are sabotaging plans to join Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine War (Atlantic Council) As Vladimir Putin pressures Belarus dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenka to join Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ordinary Belarusians are taking action to sabotage the war effort and prevent Russian troops from reaching Ukraine.

Moldova puts aside NATO aspirations, clings to EU dream (Al Jazeera) Ukraine’s neighbour switches to a military non-alignment over its fear of Russia, but submits a bid to join the EU.

Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine War can end in only two ways: Genocide or defeat (Atlantic Council) Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that he regards Ukrainians as Russians and does not recognize Ukraine’s right to exist. Unless he is defeated, his Ukraine invasion may deteriorate into a genocide in the heart of Europe.

Kennan Cable No. 75: Victory, Defeat, and Russian Ways in War (Wilson Center) The war in Ukraine has shocked the Euro-Atlantic community. Why has Moscow launched such a war? What is President Putin’s mindset and what are his goals? Will he go beyond Ukraine to attack NATO? Will Putin further escalate the war, even resorting to weapons of mass destruction?

Putin Has Coup-Proofed His Regime (Foreign Policy) Russian security forces are carefully policed for loyalty.

Opinion: The man known as ‘Putin’s brain’ envisions the splitting of Europe — and the fall of China (Washington Post) On the eve of his murderous invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a long and rambling discourse denying the existence of Ukraine and Ukrainians, a speech many Western analysts found strange and untethered. Strange, yes. Untethered, no. The analysis came directly from the works of a fascist prophet of maximal Russian empire named Aleksandr Dugin.

Why NATO should establish a humanitarian no-conflict zone in Ukraine (Atlantic Council) The Alliance faces both moral and strategic imperatives to respond to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s call for help.

As Ukraine invasion stalls, Putin looks to cyber for revenge attack on US (Newsweek) “I think we can fully expect that there’ll be cyberattacks on the United States and our allies in weeks and months ahead,” Rep. Jason Crow told Newsweek.

Threat looms of Russian attack on undersea cables to shut down West’s internet (France 24) US President Joe Biden warned this week that Russia is considering attacks on critical infrastructure. One of the scenarios that has been mooted since the start of the war in Ukraine is that Moscow w…

The rise of the Twitter spies (Washington Post) The war in Ukraine has turned ordinary Twitter users into hobbyist intelligence analysts, war sleuths who could impact who’s held accountable for the conflict — or bring danger to those living through it

A Mysterious Satellite Hack Has Victims Far Beyond Ukraine (Wired) The biggest hack since Russia’s war began knocked thousands of people offline. The spillover extends deep into Europe.

Anonymous hacks unsecured printers to send anti-war messages across Russia (HackRead) Anonymous has carried out a mass “Print Attack” in which it has sent over 100,000 print copies to Russian citizens with messages against war and how to bypass censorship in the country.

‘We want them to go to the Stone Age’: Ukrainian coders are splitting their time between work and cyber warfare (CNBC) Over 311,000 people have joined a group called “IT Army of Ukraine” on the social media platform Telegram.

Cyberattacks from Chinese IPs surge during Ukraine invasion: Check Point Research (The Indian Express) These increases are significant because they are much higher than the overall global increase in cyberattacks seen during the same timeframes.

Google to pause ads that exploit or dismiss Russia-Ukraine war (Reuters) Alphabet-owned Google will not help websites, apps and YouTube channels sell ads alongside content that it deems exploits, dismisses or condones the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the U.S. company said Wednesday.

Russian regulator blocks Google News, cites Ukraine conflict -Interfax (Reuters) Russia’s communications regulator has blocked Alphabet’s news aggregator Google News, accusing it of allowing access to what it calls fake material about the country’s military operation in Ukraine, Interfax news agency said on Wednesday.

Putin and Xi Exposed the Great Illusion of Capitalism (Bloomberg) Unless the U.S. and its allies mobilize to save it, the second great age of globalization is coming to a catastrophic close.

China’s Xi Leaves Zelenskiy Out of Ukraine Diplomatic Push (Bloomberg) Chinese leader has spoken to eight other leaders since war. Xi’s ‘no limits’ Russia ties make Zelenskiy dialogue difficult.

Poland orders expulsion of 45 Russians suspected of spying (AP NEWS) Poland ordered the expulsion of 45 Russians whom the government identified as intelligence officers using their diplomatic status as cover to operate in the country, officials said Wednesday.

Biden seeks new sanctions, help for Ukrainians in Europe (AP NEWS) As war rages on in Ukraine, President Joe Biden will huddle with key allies in Brussels and Warsaw this week to talk through plans for imposing punishing new sanctions on Russia and dealing with an extraordinary humanitarian crisis, while developing a consensus on how they would respond if Russia were to launch a cyber, chemical or even nuclear attack.

Can Sanctions Really Stop Putin’s War? (Bloomberg) The near-global unity in condemning his assault on Ukraine has triggered an unprecedented use of economic power. Whether it works is an open question.

Russian stock market, crushed by war, opens with big limits (AP NEWS) The Russian stock market opened Thursday for limited trading under heavy restrictions for the first time since Moscow invaded Ukraine , coming almost a month after prices plunged and the market was shut down as a way to insulate the economy.

Many Businesses Are Quitting Russia. Big French Firms Are Staying Put. (Wall Street Journal) Some of France’s largest companies, including Renault, Societe Generale and TotalEnergies, are maintaining ties in Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

From Apple to McDonald’s, What Companies Have Pulled Back From Russia? (Wall Street Journal) A raft of Western businesses have suspended operations in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, with some deciding to pull out entirely

Nestlé to Stop Selling Pet Food, Coffee and KitKat in Russia (Wall Street Journal) Under pressure from employees and politicians, the Swiss packaged-foods giant said it would pare its offerings in Russia to basic necessities and would donate any profit generated there to humanitarian groups.

Lip Gloss, Potato Chips, Air Fresheners Are Among the ‘Essentials’ Still Sold in Russia (Wall Street Journal) Consumer-product giants vowed to limit sales in the country to basic necessities, but some continue stocking shelves with goods such as ice cream and natural facial cleansers despite growing pressure.

As Ukraine pushes Russia back, Europe wavers on energy sanctions (Newsweek) Ukrainian politicians and officials told Newsweek that Western partners must press their economic offensive on Russia, not descend into internal bickering.

Putin Demands Ruble Payment for Gas, Escalating Energy Fight (Bloomberg) Russia says ready to keep supply, doesn’t want euros, dollars. European gas prices surged more than 30% after the news.

Ukraine Update: Alfa-Bank Among 65 on New U.K. Sanctions List (Bloomberg) A month into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, U.S. President Joe Biden and his national security team are meeting NATO, European and G-7 allies in Brussels to discuss ways to pressure Vladimir Putin to withdraw his forces.

Putin plans to attend G-20 summit despite calls to exclude him (Washington Post) Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to attend the Group of 20 summit that is being hosted by Indonesia this year, Russia’s ambassador to the Southeast Asian country said Wednesday. Western nations are reportedly trying to exclude Moscow from the G-20, a group of the world’s largest economies.

Russia Central Banker Wanted Out Over Ukraine, Putin Said No (Bloomberg) Russian president said to reject Nabiullina’s bid to resign. Respected central banker faces legacy at risk as sanctions hit.

Putin Adviser Chubais Quits Over Ukraine War, Leaves Russia (Bloomberg) Respected longtime reformer had been Kremlin’s climate envoy. Few senior insiders have gone public opposing invasion.

The Father of Russia’s Oligarchs Won’t Be the Last to Go (Bloomberg) By the time he left this week, Anatoly Chubais, architect of the country’s 1990s privatizations, was no longer in Putin’s inner circle. His departure still matters.

Russia Is Facing a Tech Worker Exodus (Wired) With founders and developers scrambling for the exit, the Russian tech scene is taking a major hit.

British captain of superyacht ‘owned by Vladimir Putin’ would never work for a ‘murderer’ (The Telegraph) Pressure on Italian government to seize vessel as its skipper says gagging order prohibits him from talking about it

Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

Here’s What Businesses Need to Know About the Current Cyber Threat Landscape (US Chamber of Commerce) Following President Biden’s statement on intelligence that the Russian government is exploring options for potential cyberattacks, here’s what businesses should know. 

Chinese Cyberspies Seen Using macOS Variant of ‘Gimmick’ Malware (SecurityWeek) A Chinese threat actor has been observed using a macOS variant of the malware known as Gimmick.

China-linked GIMMICK implant now targets macOS (Security Affairs) Gimmick is a newly discovered macOS implant developed by the China-linked APT Storm Cloud and used to target organizations across Asia. In late 2021, Volexity researchers investigated an intrusion in an environment they were monitoring and discovered a MacBook Pro running macOS 11.6 (Big Sur) that was compromised with a previously unknown macOS malware tracked […]

Qihoo 360 says US NSA is behind hacking group that has stolen Chinese data (South China Morning Post) Qihoo 360 says hacking group APT-C-40 is affiliated with the US government and has been secretly attacking China’s leading companies.

Nestlé denies Anonymous hack, claiming it accidentally leaked data dump itself (Fortune) But it will stop selling Russians KitKats and Nesquik.

Nestlé says ‘Anonymous’ data leak actually a self-own (Register) Have a break, don’t have any more KitKat, junk food giant also tells Russia

Nestlé: You Can’t Hack Us, We Leaked Our Own Data (Gizmodo) After a hacker group claimed to have stolen the conglomerate’s data, a company spokesman told Gizmodo that the info had actually been leaked by Nestlé itself.

Malicious Packages in npm Targeting Azure Developers (JFrog) JFrog discovers hundreds of npm malicious packages in a large-scale typosquatting attack designed to steal PII from Azure developers. Find out more >

Over 200,000 MicroTik Routers Worldwide Are Under the Control of Botnet Malware (The Hacker News) More than 200,000 MicroTik routers worldwide are controlled by botnet malware.

Microsoft and Okta confirm, detail impact of Lapsus$ gang’s attacks (Help Net Security) Lapsus$ have managed to access Microsoft source code and the laptop of a support engineer working for an Okta contractor.

Who are the Lapsus$ hackers and what do they want? (ZDNet) A hacking gang has claimed Microsoft and Okta among recent victims – but who are they? Here’s what we know so far.

Teen Suspected by Cyber Researchers of Being Lapsus$ Mastermind (Bloomberg) Unconventional hacking group has hit Microsoft and Nvidia. Teen lives with mother near Oxford, England, researchers say.

Microsoft, Okta Confirm Data Breaches Involving Compromised Accounts (SecurityWeek) Microsoft and Okta have confirmed suffering data breaches, but they claim impact is limited.

Okta Under Fire Over Handling of Security Incident (Wall Street Journal) The identity-protection company’s acknowledgment of the attack two months after spotting suspicious activity offers ‘a case study in mismanaging a third-party breach,’ an analyst said.

Hackers Begin Spoofing Fintech Apps As Tax Season Approaches (Avanan) Fintech apps are being spoofed around tax season.

‘Secrets Sprawl’ Haunts Software Supply Chain Security (SecurityWeek) A cybersecurity startup is warning of a major, unattended weak link in the software supply chain: the vexing problem of secrets sprawl — API keys, usernames and passwords, and security certificates — exposing weaknesses in the software supply chain.

Ransomware, Malware-as-a-Service Dominate Threat Landscape (SecurityWeek) Red Canary’s 2022 Threat Detection Report sheds light on the scale of ransomware in the cybercriminal ecosystem.

March 10, 2022 presentation to the US Air Force Cyber College on process sensor cyber security (Control Global) March 10, 2022, I gave a presentation to the US Air Force Cyber College on process sensor cyber security entitled: “Shields-Up” and Good Cyber Hygiene Don’t Apply to Insecure Process Sensors”. There were approximately 100 attendees from DOD, government, industry, credit rating agencies, and others. An invitation was made to the attendees to join a joint Services project to address the process sensor cyber security issue.

Data Breach Alert: Houston Health Department (JD Supra) Recently, Houston Health Department confirmed that as a result of a technical issue, the COVID-19 test results of more than 10,000 people were made…

Highmark Health Files Notice of Recent Data Breach (JD Supra) Highmark Health, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, recently confirmed a data breach stemming from an incident involving its computer network. While…

Ransomware Payments Hit New Records in 2021 as Dark Web Leaks Climbed, According to New Report from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 (Palo Alto Networks) Ransomware payments hit new records in 2021 as cybercriminals increasingly turned to Dark Web “leak sites” where they pressured victims to pay up by threatening to release sensitive data, according to research released today from Unit 42 by Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader.

CRA Study: Managing Third-Party Risk in the Era of Zero Trust  (SC Magazine) The latest in-depth, unbiased news, analysis and perspective to keep cybersecurity professionals informed, educated and enlightened about the market.

Research: Delinea Reveals Cloud Automation is Key to Future-Proofing Cybersecurity (PR Newswire) Delinea, a leading provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions for seamless security, today announced a new survey-based report…

Health data breaches swell in 2021 amid hacking surge, POLITICO analysis finds (POLITICO) Health care organizations including providers and insurers in every state except South Dakota reported such incidents last year.


Vista, Thoma Bravo well placed to buy Datto, expert says (CRN Australia) An enticing acquisition for private equity companies.

Theta Lake Attracts $50 Million in Series B Funding to Fuel Expansion of Security and Compliance Solutions for Modern Communications and the Future of Work (Yahoo Finance) Theta Lake, the leader in unified communication security and compliance solutions tailored to today’s new, increasingly digital and distributed world of work, announced a $50 million series B funding round led by Battery Ventures. The round also includes investments from existing investors such as Lightspeed Venture Partners, Neotribe Ventures and Cisco Investments, as well as new investments from RingCentral Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Zoom Video Co

Compliance Startup Trustero Emerges From Stealth With $8 Million in Funding (SecurityWeek) Trustero, a Palo Alto, California-based startup offering Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) for enterprises, has emerged from stealth mode with $8 million in seed funding.

Cyber Startup Island Hits Unicorn Status 7 Weeks After Launching (Crunchbase News) Island offers an enterprise browser that the company says enhances both security and productivity of workers, giving security teams control of what is often referred to as the “last mile.”

Island Raises $115 Million in Series B Funding to Enable Massive Innovation on Enterprise Browser (Business Wire) Island, creator of the Enterprise Browser, today announced that it has raised $115 million in its Series B financing round at a $1.3 billion valuation

Authentication firm Okta’s shares slide after hack warning (Reuters) Okta said on Wednesday hundreds of its customers may have been affected by a security breach involving hacking group Lapsus$, amid criticism of the digital authentication firm’s slow response to the intrusion that knocked its shares down about 11 percent.

U.K. Cyber Firm Expands to North America Following Multi-Million Investment (KULR-8 Local News) U.K. cybersecurity services company, Bridewell Consulting, has announced its expansion into the $58 billion U.S. cybersecurity market following a multi-million investment from Growth Capital Partners last year.

Axiad Announces Membership in Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (Axiad) Axiad today announced it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions to better defend against a world of increasing threats.

Financial Sector and Cloud Security Providers Complete | CSA (CSA) A joint trade initiative identifies roles and responsibilities between firms and cloud security providers, establishing a mutually beneficial framework for cybersecurity.

Cohesity nabs Brian Higgins from VMware for Asia Pacific Japan channel chief (CRN Australia) Replacing Les Mansour who left last November.

Products, Services, and Solutions

Digital Gaming Experiences at Scale Run on Sumo Logic (GlobeNewswire News Room) Sumo Logic Announces Support for AWS for Games…

ExtraHop Introduces New Layer of Cloud Threat Defense to Identify and Isolate Advanced Cyberattacks (ExtraHop) Reveal(x) 360 for AWS Now Applies Advanced AI to All Network Telemetry Sources, Providing Continuous Visibility of Malicious Activity Without Requiring Dev Resources

Endace and Cubro Announce Partnership to Eliminate Network Blind Spots, Accelerate Investigation, and Streamline Workflows (Yahoo Finance) AUSTIN, Texas & AUCKLAND, New Zealand, March 23, 2022–Endace and Cubro today announced a partnership to deliver fast, accurate and robust network security to their customers, combining Endace’s industry-leading packet capture and always-on network recording with Cubro’s portfolio of world class network visibility solutions.

Avoid building a “Billion Dollar Brick” with wolfSSL Satellite Cyberse (PRWeb) wolfSSL Inc. at Satellite 2022, highlighting FIPS 140-3 based Cryptography, Secure Boot, and TLS 1.3 for Satellite and Ground devices

Technologies, Techniques, and Standards

Cybersecurity Education and Workforce Development: Employer-Driven and Learner-Centered (NIST) In this installment of our 50th Anniversary of Cybersecurity series, we hear from NIST’s Rodney Petersen, Dir

Ten More Key Questions to Include in Your Vendor Security Questionnaires (Panorays) Third-party security risk management is more critical than ever.


CS Department celebrates research, CyberCorps grant (News – Binghamton University) Several exciting announcements will aid students and faculty in coming years.

MSPAlliance Launches Initiative to Solve MSP Cybersecurity Talent Crisis (Stellar Cyber) Through Partnership with Stellar Cyber and Boise State University, Program will focus on MSP- and Security-Specific Training, Education, and Job Placement in the Global MSP Community

Legislation, Policy, and Regulation

Cooley Privacy Talks: European Data Transfers: Where Do We Stand Now? (cyber/data/privacy insights) This post relates to Cooley’s Privacy Talks series – a webinar program featuring Cooley practitioners discussing practical guidance and best practices around managing data protection-related issues. Sessions range from the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the California Consumer

SEC Proposes New Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules For Public Companies (JD Supra) The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) recently published proposed…

SEC Proposes Mandatory Cybersecurity Disclosures (JD Supra) The US Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed new rules and amendments to mandate disclosure regarding cybersecurity risk management,…

FCC Warns Voice Providers To Halt Illegal Robocall Traffic (Law360) Just weeks after demanding two companies stop transmitting illegal robocall traffic, the Federal Communications Commission sent another round of warnings, this time to a trio of voice service providers.

Litigation, Investigation, and Law Enforcement

Russia: Putin critic Alexei Navalny sentenced to 9 years in prison (Deutsche Welle) Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was convicted of fraud and contempt of court and will be sent to a maximum security penal colony. His supporters decry the charges as politically motivated.

FBI adds Russian cybercrime market owner to most wanted list (BleepingComputer) A Russian national has been indicted by the US DOJ and added to the FBI’s Cyber Most Wanted list for allegedly creating and managing a cybercrime marketplace.

United States of America v. Igor Dekhtyar (US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas) The United States Grand Jury charges…

Bail extended for former WIPL directors, IT specialist on cyber crime charges (Jamaica Gleaner) Former directors of West Indies Petroleum Limited (WIPL) Courtney Wilkinson and John Levy, and their co-accused, who are charged with breaches of the Cybercrimes Act, had their bail extended today. The businessmen, who are jointly charged with…

Target Wins Data Hack Coverage From Chubb In Reversal (Law360) Two Chubb units must cover Target Corp. for losses from $138 million in bank settlements over a 2013 data breach, a Minnesota federal judge ruled, reversing the court’s prior decision and finding that the retail giant did indeed suffer a “loss of use” of tangible property.

Ex-DHS Worker Wants Federal Database Theft Charges Pared (Law360) An information technology specialist accused of helping a former U.S. Department of Homeland Security watchdog steal federal databases told a D.C. federal court on Wednesday that the government failed to link him to the actual theft.

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