Russian Academy of Sciences urges for peace, appeals to world science community to strengthen ties | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

We call on our colleagues from all over the world, national academies of sciences, international and national scientific associations, as well as our other partners in the scientific and educational space, to refrain from positions and actions dictated not by the interests of science, but by the political situation and the severity of the situation. We consider unacceptable any attempts of political pressure on scientists, teachers, graduate students and students and discrimination on the grounds of nationality or citizenship.

We call on the world scientific community to continue and develop cooperation, strengthen international scientific and educational ties, and prevent any attempts to restrict access to international scientific infrastructure, publication opportunities, and open databases.

We consider it necessary to intensify scientific diplomacy and develop the movement of scientists for peace, international security, conflict resolution, reduction of military tension and prevention of the threat of nuclear war.

Информация взята с портала «Научная Россия» ()

With inputs from Ashish Kumar Singh

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