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Rubrik Defined

Don’t call Rubrik a storage vendor.

Rubrik is typically included in lists of storage vendors, including CRN’s own Storage 100 list, because of its status as a pioneer data protection technology developer. And data protection is a big part of the storage market.

But Bipul Sinha, CEO and co-founder of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Rubrik, wants it very clear that his company is not a storage company, but instead is a cybersecurity company. And as he laid out during May’s Rubrik Forward conference and in a one-on-one meeting with CRN, his company does not sell software or infrastructure on which data is stored, but instead focuses on the security of that data.

Rubrik has a $5-million warranty for clients to back up its promise that their data, if properly protected, will not be hacked in a ransomware attack. Earlier this year the company extended that commitment to include data stored on Microsoft Azure via Rubrik’s Cloud Vault technology.

Rubrik has made protecting data against ransomware the key driver of its development going forward, Sinha told CRN.

“We released the first ransomware detection and recovery product in 2018, [and] we got the best security product ever [award at VMworld],” he said. “So, the market is waking up to this reality today. We have been on this trend for the last eight years.”

Even so, Sinha said, Rubrik has no plans to build the technology that would allow it to replace cybersecurity vendors, but instead is committed to working with them.

“Traditional security vendors are selling infrastructure or cloud security,” he said. “We are selling data security. Rubrik is the pioneer of the data security category. And we are partnering with traditional security vendors such as Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, and others because they have access to infrastructure intelligence, and we are bringing the data intelligence around security, and the combination of the two is the Zero Trust security that every business needs.”

So don’t call Rubrik a storage vendor. You can call it a data protection vendor, but only if it’s clear that cybersecurity is a big part of the definition of data protection.

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