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Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges for small and medium-sized businesses and employees are often the weakest link when it comes to preventing data breaches.

In order to improve awareness of phishing scams — and hopefully stop people falling for them — ESET is launching an interactive phishing derby to allow people to test their scam-spotting skills and get the chance to win real prizes.

This initiative follows on from an advertising campaign by ESET to raise awareness of safe cybersecurity practices and the importance of cybersecurity training.

“Many SMBs believe that they are not a prime target of bad actors, but almost 30 percent of cyberattacks involve small businesses,” says Brent McCarty, president of ESET. “Our ad campaign used a lighthearted message to convey these facts to those companies, make them understand the cybersecurity threat is real, and emphasize that a data breach can occur by something as simple as an employee accidentally clicking on a phishing link.”

Visitors to the phishing derby landing page can take an interactive quiz to test themselves on how good they are at spotting a phishing email or link, and they can also register for ESET’s free training module, created by the company’s expert researchers and educators.

The top three winners of the derby will receive a MacBook Pro (first place), Bose Quiet Comfort headphones (second place) and a Sony SRS XB33 Portable Waterproof Speaker (third place).

You can test your scam-spotting ability and try the phishing derby for yourself here.

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