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The internet hasn’t been the same since @revelstokecharm was born in 2017. The Instagram account specializes in satirizing life in Revelstoke, such as poking fun at the new roundabout, ski hill and city council. We interviewed the mysterious person behind the posts.

For our audience that might not have Instagram: What is a meme and how do you describe your account?


This is actually two questions:


Memes are essentially just jokes repeated with slight variations that spread like wildfire on the internet. They’re great because they are a type of collective and anonymous comedy. It’s also the only type of humor that gets better with repetition.

b. Revelstoke Charm is an Instagram account that makes fun of the City of Revelstoke and its residents. We just recycle trending memes from the not-so-deep web. We don’t even try to be original.

2) What makes a good meme?

How to make a good meme:

Step 1: Find a funny picture

Step 2: Write about something relatable, using easy-to-read large text.

Step 3: Profit.

3) What/who are some of your favorite local Instagram accounts to follow and what makes these must-follows for you?

Nobody is as funny as the Charm, @revelstokecharm is the only page you need to follow. Although, Monashee Distillery and Katie Burrell’s Instagrams have occasionally managed to make me blow air through my nose.


4) What makes Revelstoke great at providing fodder for memes?

Revelstoke is great at providing memes because it has a big concentration of people that don’t take themselves too seriously, and also a great concentration of people that take themselves way too seriously.

5) Besides making Revelstoke memes, what can you tell us about yourself?

For those that live under a rock, Revelstoke Charm has had a new admin for the last week or so. More than one person deserves credit for creating the new content, it’s a collaborative effort actually. We’re just a few nerds that look at memes all day while trying to work full-time jobs. Most of our followers probably wouldn’t even know who we were even if we weren’t anonymous.

Our hobbies include, but are not limited to :


·Drinking wine


·Extreme couponing.

·Witchcraft and wizardry.

For those wondering, no, we’re not born and raised locals.

6) Columnists have sources and academics have studies to help inform their comments on current events. What are some of the ways you keep track of Revelstoke’s happenings?

We definitely want to give a big shout out to our local Facebook groups! You just need to go to the comment sections and the memes will write themselves.


Here a list of the must-follow Revelstoke Facebook groups:

– Revelstoke Community

– Revelstoke Community Uncensored

– Revelstoke Ski Tourers:

– Revy Sell

– Revy Rentals

– Stoke List

We also really miss the Review’s Growls and Hugs section, mostly because it was obviously written by one person.

7) What is your favorite meme? And for Revelstoke?

Again, these are two questions. We’ll let this one slide.

You can’t really ask a serial memer what their favorite meme is. I probably have a new favorite one every hour. A current favorite meme format is the ‘’Stonks’’ meme man. Our previous admin posted a few good Revelstoke memes using this format.

8) How many people know the identity of the person behind revelstokecharm?

The previous admin accidentally outed themselves when Instagram linked itself to Facebook. We’re going to try and not do that again.

I think a stranger in line at Coopers might have peeked over my shoulder while I was on the charm’s Instagram page.

So I think only our partners know (and that one stranger from Coopers). They must take this secret to the grave.

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