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Cybersecurity firm Red Canary is launching a new endpoint detection and response solution for Linux, designed to focus on the constraints that DevOps, engineering and security teams demand.

According to the company, the Linux EDR and MDR solution will help organizations better protect their Linux environments, which can be difficult to secure. The solution leverages Linux-optimized technology developed by the company’s engineers, analysts, researchers and customer support.

Red Canary says the solution is dedicated to Linux infrastructure and production environments with a lightweight agent designed from the ground up to support most Linux distributions while using minimal resources.

This is a departure from other Linux security solutions, which Red Canary says can be disruptive because they are first designed for Windows or Mac agents and were adapted for Linux. Those can impact system performance, business and customers, according to the company.

The solution features a lightweight sensor that “operates entirely in userland, avoiding kernel modules, hooking, or code injection,” which Red Canary says can lead to system instability, kernel panics and system crashes.

Customer portals provide transparent sensor performance to give customers and stakeholders confidence they need when deploying to business-critical systems, Red Canary says in a blog.

The company says its telemetry collection and threat detection capabilities exceed industry standards, with features such as behavioral detection, rootkit identification, fileless malware detection and more.

The solution supports a wide range of Linux distributions, versions and kernels, as well as the latest container and container orchestration technologies, such as Kubernetes and Docker, giving customers the viability and detection outcomes for ephemeral or long-lived workloads, according to Red Canary.

The company also boasts a support team that is available 24/7 for general security advice or questions, and customers can also communicate via Slack.

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