Realme India Support Twitter account hacked briefly to run bitcoin scam | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Realme India Support’s Twitter handle was allegedly hacked briefly to run a bitcoin scam, putting a spotlight on the security measures taken by Twitter to handle such attacks. This is not the first time a Twitter handle has faced such an ordeal as many high-profile Twitter accounts faced a similar situation in 2020. 

As per screenshots shared by popular tipster Ishan Agarwal, the official Twitter handle of Realme India Support was taken over in the wee hours of May 7 after which it was defaced with a Tesla profile picture and its name being changed to “Tesla”. The account was recovered within the next few hours.

In between the attack on the Realme India Twitter profile and its recovery, the hackers posted links to a website where they claimed to offer free Bitcoins. The hackers also replied to tweets by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and shared links for users to win bitcoins during a broadcast. 

In a statement issued to the media, Realme said, “We have been constantly monitoring the development of Realme India Twitter support account. We are also investigating the matter internally and will apprise you once we receive more information.”

While there are no reports of people falling prey to this bitcoin scan, partly because the attackers did not post a BTC wallet address and instead asked users to visit a website, it does raise glaring concerns over Twitter’s security measures in place. 

Since recovering its account, Realme has deleted all such tweets made by the attackers and is functioning normally. We will update this report once we hear more from Realme.


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