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A ransomware gang, which is allegedly linked to Russia, claims that they were able to breach the database of Coca-Cola.

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Cans of Coca Cola are displayed on July 25, 2018 in San Rafael, California. Coca Cola announced plans to raise soda prices in North America due to rising prices of metals following tariffs imposed on Chinese imports by the Trump administration.

The hacking group is now demanding around $64 million from the soft-drink company after acquiring around 160 GB of data.

But, the hackers said that they prefer the ransom to be transferred as cryptocurrency, specifically in Bitcoin.

Some security experts posted a screenshot of the hackers’ message.

“We hacked some of the company’s servers and passed a large amount of data inside them without their knowledge,” said the ransomware group.

Ransomware Gang Breaches Coca-Cola Database?

The ransomware gang claimed that they would sell the stolen data if Coca-Cola failed to meet their demand.

Ransomware Gang Breaches Coca-Cola Database? Hackers Conduct Telegram Survey To Choose Next Victim

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Tourists walk past a giant Coca-Cola billboard at Kings Cross in Sydney, 10 February 2005. Coca-Cola Amatil announced a 44 percent jump in net profits to 280.3 million dollars (214.7 million US) for 2004, attributing the increase to a strong performance from its Australian and New Zealand businesses. AFP PHOTO/Greg WOOD

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According to Computer Weekly’s latest report, the multinational beverage corporation confirmed that it is already aware of the hackers’ claim.

But, the soft drink manufacturer did not confirm if it would follow the demand of the ransomware gang. Coca-Cola’s Communications Vice President Scott Leigth said they are still investigating the problem.

As of writing, little is known about the Russian-linked ransomware group (Stormous gang). However, some cybersecurity experts claimed that this hacking gang is quite open when it comes to its support of Moscow.

Stormous Gang Uses Telegram Survey? 

Tom’s Hardware reported that the ransomware gang is using Telegram surveys to choose their next target. Rumors claimed that Coca-Cola was chosen after the company received more than 70% of votes from the latest survey of the hacking group. 

Aside from Coca-Cola, other companies were also included in its targets. These include Mattel Inc. and Danaher Corp. However, the claim Coca-Cola breached is still unproven. 

Although this is the case, Ray Walsh, a cybersecurity expert at ProPrivacy, said that if the alleged stolen data is sensitive, the beverage manufacturer will have a huge problem. 

Recently, experts claimed that U.S. cybersecurity needs around 600,000 professionals to prevent possible Russian-backed cyberattacks. 

On the other hand, the Conti ransomware group claimed that it is responsible for the recent Nordex breach. 

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