#ransomware | #computerhacker | Credit Card Details Of Cognizant Employees Hacked Via Maze Ransomware Attack; Rs 600 Crore Loss?

Credit Card Details Of Cognizant Employees Hacked Via Maze Ransomware Attack; Rs 600 Crore Loss Expected!

Leading IT organization, Cognizant was severely attacked by the Maze ransomware back in April. And now, the company has revealed that important data, such as the names, account numbers of the company credit cards, was compromised in this attack.

The Maze ransomware encrypted the company’s internal systems and also managed to disable them to do with this Cognizant to the other systems offline and the companies clients also suspended their access to Cognizant’s networks.

Find out all the details about the attack on Cognizant and what data has been compromised right here.

Cognizant Reveals Data Of Employees Compromised in Maze Ransomware

In April this year, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp was attacked by the Maze ransomware resulting in a loss of $50-$70 million in their revenues and corresponding margins. The virus has encrypted sensitive information of the company which includes the employee credit card account numbers and exfiltrated them to the hackers.

The email by Cognizant states, “A limited amount of personal data (of associates) was compromised before the attack was contained on May 1. Vast majority of the information consisted of names and account numbers (and no other personal information) from some American Express cards.”

The email also says that some of the associates who are in position of corporate credit cards will have access to complimentary credit card monitoring, dark web monitoring, and restoration services. This will be available for everyone, including those whose cards haven’t been compromised.

Social Security Number, Passport Information Compromised: Cognizant

As per reports, there are a few associates whose other kinds of personal information have been exposed and they will be notified directly by June 24, 2020. They will also be given complimentary identity theft protection. 

Apparently two letters have been filed with the California State regulators bi Cognizant wherein the theft of personal information related to company credit cards was revealed.  

The company also said that personal and sensitive information of the employees has been leaked, including social security number, tax identification number, financial account information, driver’s licence information, and passport information.

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