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JODHPUR: Spurt in cybercrimes amid growing penetration of internet in every walk of life has prompted both the judiciary and police to equip themselves with the necessary knowhow to not only nab these criminals of virtual world but also provide skilled representation to the victims in the courts.
Police, however, have already realised the seriousness of the crimes taking place in the cyber world and have started strengthening itself in view of the rise in cybercrimes. Judiciary has begun with training of advocates for inculcating awareness among them about cybercrimes and cyber security.
A one-day training programme for 50 selected advocates practising at each district headquarters was conducted last week at the behest of the Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority (RSLSA) with sessions on nature and characters of cybercrimes, laws pertaining to these crimes and secured use of information and communication technology.
Addressing the inaugural session of the training programme, held virtually, administrative judge of the RSLSA Justice Sangeet Lodha said that there had been over 450% rise in cybercrimes in the past five years in India and stressed the need of an integrated mechanism to deal with this crisis.
“It is the need of the hour that our advocates are adequately equipped with the laws relating to technology, computer functioning, networking & communication technologies etc, so that they could represent the victims of E-commerce, E-contracts, digital signatures, Intellectual Property Rights and linked crimes,” Lodha said.
Referring to the cybercrimes data from the National Crime Records Bureau, he said that 12,317 cases of cybercrimes had been reported in 2016 which shockingly shot up to 44,546 in 2019 with data for 2020 yet to be released.
Member secretary of the DLSA Brajendra Jain said that people have been spending most of their time in the virtual world today and falling victim to cybercrimes increasingly due to ignorance and lack of awareness.
“Hence this programme has been conceived for these victims to bring them justice in the courts,” he said.
Recently, Jodhpur police commissionerate has also taken up an initiative to deal with cybercrimes wherein a team of 20 police officers has been given special training by the IT experts to enable them to understand the cyber world and crack the cases of cybercrimes.
“We have roped in a special team of ‘Cyber Warriors’ comprising 20 specially trained policemen to keep a check on cybercrimes in Jodhpur,” said police commissioner (Jodhpur) Jose Mohan.
The team has been equipped with required skills to identify the criminals, crack the unsolved criminal cases, surveillance of organized criminals and searching for wanted criminals.


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