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The 6th Annual Rail Cyber Security Europe Summit: Defending our Transport Systems Against Evolving Cyber Threats will take place online on 23-24 February.

The Cyber Senate Rail Cyber Security Summit returns to address the evolving threats to the rail industry. With case studies from leading train operating companies, rolling stock manufacturers, government authorities and global cybersecurity subject matter experts, the summit will provide an opportunity for information sharing, best practice and networking.

This virtual, two-day executive forum will include presentations, case studies and multiple cross-disciplinary panel discussion sessions. Leveraging key insight from the Cyber Senate portfolio of vertical conferences from 2016 to 2020, this year’s event will be dominated by the best global technology and information security experts across the rail supply chain. These will include executive leadership from rolling stock companies, train operating companies, rail cargo and freight transportation companies and some of the world’s leading CNI cybersecurity subject matter experts.

Topics will include the rise of ransomware, OT security, cyber impacts on safety, remote access management, supply chain security and counterfeit products, IoT device security, how to effectively control identities and much more.

The agenda for Rail Cyber Security Europe will include both C visionaries in defining risk and positioning cyber as a business enabler to more technical presentations on system vulnerabilities and attack methodologies.

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