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As we pass another key milestone in the easing of lockdown restrictions and people are able to enjoy indoor hospitality and attend larger events, now is the time to assess whether your staff and customers are primed to remain vigilant and ACT if they see or hear something that doesn’t feel quite right.

Similar to tackling coronavirus, defeating terrorism requires a collective community effort where police, security staff, venue stewards and the public come together to help keep everyone safe.

We’re delighted to announce that 250,000 individuals have now downloaded the ACT App to access up to date security information and guidance from the National Terrorism and Security Office direct to their mobile phones.

Are you playing your part to make sure you’re protecting your staff and customers from more than just COVID? It’s not too late to ensure your organisation is prepared to combat the threat of terrorism. These simple actions could save lives:

  • Be security-minded when planning and providing briefings to staff and volunteers ahead of opening up venues and hosting events – they can be crucial eyes and ears in support of our 24/7 policing efforts

  • Whilst you ensure your spaces meet Covid public health regulations, please risk assess your existing sites and any new premises such as outdoor spaces with security in mind too; and consider both NaCTSO’s protective security advice and CPNI’s Personnel Security advice

  • Ensure your staff and volunteers are educated by signing them up to ACT e-learning training. It is free and takes just 45 minutes. Staff could benefit from See, Check and Notify training covering hostile reconnaissance, vigilance and the power of hello, and reporting suspicious activity

  • Download the ACT App as an individual or through a large-enterprise rollout – contact ct@highfieldelearning.com for an individual username and password or to find out how to deploy to all employees in your organisation

  • Promote the messaging and materials in our toolkit to your staff and customers via your communication channels e.g. internal bulletins and on your external website.

  • Display our campaign posters in high footfall areas and at events to encourage your customers and staff to stay vigilant and report suspicious behaviour

  • Share our social media assets on your social media channels using the hashtag #CommunitiesDefeatTerrorism

Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) has updated its Easing Lockdown Vigilance Campaign Toolkit to ensure relevance for events planned across the summer. With all the messaging and materials that a business may need to help keep everyone safe, it now includes situationally specific messaging and bespoke assets designed for use surrounding the EUROs championship football games, UK music festivals and indoor hospitality.

If you have any further questions regarding the toolkit or you are interested in working in partnership with CT policing and NaCTSO, please email NCTPHQMailbox@met.police.uk.

Would you like to learn more about how Counter Terrorism Policing’s free training & awareness products can work within your organisation?

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office’s (NaCTSO) Business Engagement Team, working closely with colleagues from Marks & Spencer’s Business Continuity Team, now host bi-monthly, one hour lunchtime workshop sessions to provide more detail around the free ACT eLearning programme and ACT App. These sessions, during the first 8 weeks have seen 235 senior business representatives from 128 organisations join us to learn more about playing their part to defeat terrorism.

To join one of these sessions or to find out more, please contact; NaCTSOMailbox-.EngagementUnit@met.police.uk

Any piece of information could be a key piece of the jigsaw. This summer, it’s important that people know they won’t be wasting our time if they report suspicious behaviour to staff or the police. As the UK continues to open up, help us make it known that sharing concerns won’t ruin lives, but it might save them. Encourage your staff and customers to trust their instincts and ACT.

Sign up for the ACT App

The ACT App provides useful guidance on all aspects of protective security and is also being used for COVID-19 messaging in addition to CT specific messaging.

  1. Download the Urim app from the Google Play or Apple Store.
  2. Email ct@highfieldelearning.com to request a user name and password.

Please note access is for business/professional use only.

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