Quarantines challenge Licking County schools again on remote education | #education | #technology | #training

NEWARK —  When it comes to dealing with COVID-19 quarantine in the classroom, Suzi Huffman has pretty much seen it all.

Huffman, a second grade teacher at Hillview Elementary School for Newark City Schools, was in her classroom last week teaching on Zoom, while her students were home in quarantine. She has also taught from home, and taught with students in class while also connecting with those who are home in quarantine.

“I post every day in Google Classroom, and there are links to assignments and virtual notebooks,” she said.  “They all have a device, but no supplies at home, so sometimes I’m getting, ‘I’m out of paper.’ Even on Google Classroom, some struggle to get to it. Some complete it, and some are not capable.”

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