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Go, Vlad Lad! Putin’s maniacal war has resurrected Nato

This is a comment piece by Rod Liddle

You’ve got to hand it to Vladimir Putin – very few politicians can bring the dead back to life.

But this idiot has just about managed it, with Nato.

Four months ago, this defensive alliance was on life support. It was seen as being a creature of the past, of no relevance any more.

The European Left have always hated it, for a start.

But even centrist politicians in Paris and Berlin were beginning to question its effectiveness.

Some resented being under the effective military control of Washington DC.

They thought a European army allied to the European Union might be a better bet.

 Ha! Can you imagine that?

If war broke out, they’d spend the next two years passing resolutions.

Arguing among themselves about health-and-safety implications.

Debating what to do over large bottles of claret.

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