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Vladimir Putin is plotting to use chemical weapons in Ukraine and blame the attack on Kyiv, it has been claimed.

US President Joe Biden last night warned that Russia is prepping new “false flag” attacks in Ukraine – an act that deliberately disguises the perpetrator then uses fake news to spin a false narrative around it.

Although Putin has already carried out numerous false flags in Ukraine in a feeble attempt to justify his savage invasion, he has recently started repeatedly lying about the country having chemical weapons.

“They are also suggesting that Ukraine has biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine… That’s a clear sign he’s considering using both of those”, Biden said at an event in Washington DC yesterday.

The fears come as pro-Kremlin media accidentally revealed the true Russian death toll in a major PR blunder – before quickly attempting to cover up the revelation.

State-controlled media outlet Komsomolskaya Pravda made the shock revelation that 9,861 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine and 16,153 were injured.

Prior to this report, Putin had been covering up the true death toll and the Russian people had been given no update since being told 498 Russians had died on March 2.

The report was quickly taken down though several screenshots were taken including by The Week, forcing Komsomolskaya Pravda to embarrassingly claim their website had been hacked.

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  • ‘I’ll shout ‘God save the Queen’ when I fire Brit-donated weapon’, Ukrainian commander reveals

    BATTLE-hardened commander Lt Col ­Valeriy Kurko sips his coffee and praises the tank-busting weaponry donated from Britain.

    He says of the shoulder-fired NLAW — Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon: “If I get to press the button I would shout God Save the Queen!”

    The burly warrior, 51, may need all his fighting prowess.

    For if Belarus enters the war from the north or Russian forces head west it’s Kurko and his men — based here in Lviv — who they will run into.

    Kurko, the commander of the 103rd brigade of the Territorial Defence Force, added: “I’m ready to fight for my homeland and to defend our territory.”

  • The Sun Says: Nato must back Ukraine unwaveringly with our words, sanctions and weapons

    THE West must not give Putin an inch, any more than the Allies did Hitler, The Sun’s editorial page read today.

    That means backing Ukraine’s President Zelensky all the way in his refusal to surrender – and giving him every tool to defeat this heinous enemy.

    Read the full Sun Says column by clicking here.

  • Googlebox star slams Homes for Ukraine scheme

    GOGGLEBOX star Mica Ven has criticised the UK government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme.

    The scheme allows UK residents to sponsor and offer accommodation to Ukrainians fleeing the war for a minimum of six months.

    In return hosts will receive a £350-a-month tax-free payment.

    Reality star Mica questioned why similar schemes weren’t set up during other conflicts.

    She said to partner Marcus during Friday night’s episode: “Not being funny, this isn’t the first refugee situation, you know what I mean?

    “How come only now there’s incentives to encourage people to help refugees?”

    She clarified that she hadn’t meant to discredit the scheme but wanted highlight other humanitarian crises and victims.

  • Savage attack

    Footage from the aftermath of the attack on protesters in Kherson appeared to show at least one civilian laid on the ground bleeding heavily.

    Local media confirmed later that the one person reported wounded at the scene was the man on video.

    In one of the videos, civilians are seen running away through smoke-filled streets as Russian soldiers walk towards them firing their rifles into the air.

    The smoke may have been tear gas while the loud bangs are thought to have been caused by flashbang grenades.

    Ukrainian media reported that a memorial located in the centre of the square had been defaced with graffiti.

    The vandals wrote a message accusing Ukrainian forces of being “murderers of the children of Donbas” and that locals had been trying to clean it.

  • What’s happening in Kherson?

    Kherson, around 60 miles northwest of Crimea, was the first significant Ukrainian city to be occupied by Russian forces.

    There have been regular large civilian demonstrations against the occupiers, with Russian troops struggling to keep control.

  • Horror attacks on protesters in Kherson

    Heavy gunfire could be heard for over a minute as smoke spread across Svobody Square in the occupied city of Kherson.

    Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said: “In Kherson, Russian war criminals opened fire at unarmed people who peacefully protested against invaders.

    “This is the ugly face of Russia, a disgrace to humankind. We must stop Russia! Sanction them, isolate them, hold war criminals to account.”

    Ukraine’s armed forces’ press service added in a statement: “Russian security forces ran up, started throwing stun grenades into the crowd and shooting.”

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  • Civilians under attack

    THIS is the shocking moment Russian troops were caught on video opening fire and hurling stun grenades at unarmed civilians.

    Russian forces occupying Kherson, Ukraine, used stun grenades and gunfire to disperse a rally of protesters as they gathered in Svobody Square.

    Multiple videos on social media showed crowds gathering in the square today before loud bangs and flashes followed by intense gunfire caused them to flee.

    It is unclear if the soldiers initially fired into the sky, but they are believed to have turned their guns on civilians, reports The Telegraph.

  • Russian spy chief also among the dead

    A Russian spy captain has been killed during a “top-secret” operation in Ukraine

    GRU military intelligence spy Captain Alexey Glushchak, 31, from Tyumen in Siberia, died in the carnage in Mariupol.

    The GRU was behind the poisoning of defected spy Sergei Skripal with Novichok in Salisbury.

    Pictures emerged of father-of-one Glushchak’s funeral in Russia, where he was buried with full military honours and a guard of honour.

    On the day the military intelligence officer died he had spoken to both his wife and mother in Russia, it was revealed. 

    He called to congratulate them on International Women’s Day but on the same day in the evening they learned he had been killed. 

  • Russia’s top commanders among the dead (4 of 5)

    Last Wednesday, Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko said Kyiv’s forces had killed Major General Oleg Mityaev.

    He commanded the 150th motorized rifle division, which he had led since 2020.

    And Major General Andrei Kolesnikov was also reportedly killed.

  • Russia’s top commanders among the dead (4 of 5)

    Vitaly Gerasimov was another top Russian commander to be killed.

    Ukraine’s Defence Ministry said Gerasimov, chief of staff of the 41st Army, was killed alongside other senior officers outside the eastern city of Kharkiv.

    Gerasimov was awarded a medal for “capturing” the disputed province of Crimea in 2014, and also received medals after leading troops in Syria and in the second Chechen war.

  • Russia’s top commanders among the dead (3 of 5)

    Meanwhile Russia confirmed the death of Colonel Sergei Sukharev of the 331st Guards Parachute Assault Regiment on Friday.

    The elite paratroop commander died following fierce fighting near Hostomel.

    Earlier his “liquidation” had been claimed by Ukraine’s Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security.

    His deputy Major Sergei Krylov was killed alongside him, said the report.

    They were among a number slain from the “glorious” Kostroma regiment, seen as among Russia’s most elite fighting forces.

  • Russia’s top commanders among the dead (2 of 5)

    Lieutenant General Andrei Mordvichev – the commander of the 8th General Army – died during fighting on Friday night in a fresh blow to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

    It’s thought the military boss was killed in the Russian-controlled Kherson Airport, which has been hit with Ukranian strikes in the past few days.

    A statement from the army general staff in Kyiv read: “As a result of fire on the enemy by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the commander of the 8th All-Military Army of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Andrey Mordvishev was killed.”

  • Russia’s top commanders among the dead (1 of 5)

    Among the Russian dead are five generals as well as other senior commanders, including those from elite paratrooper units.

    The latest senior officer to die is the deputy commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in another damaging blow to Vladimir Putin’s forces.

    First rank captain Andrey Paliy, 51, is the first senior Russian naval official to be killed in the war with Ukraine so far.

    He was reportedly involved with Russian marine attacks near the port city of Mariupol when he died, although the exact circumstances of his reported death are not known.

    Moscow is yet to officially acknowledge his death, but it appeared to be confirmed by fellow Russian Konstantin Tsarenko, secretary of the public council at Sevastopol Nakhimov Naval School.

  • What’s the true Russian death toll in Ukraine?

    Ukraine claims to have killed around 15,000 Russians and destroyed large quantities of equipment.

    But US intelligence puts the figure slightly lower at between 7,000 and 10,000, with 21,000 injured.

    That second number is closer to the leaked death toll that Komsomolskaya Pravda raced to remove its website after accidentally revealing the Kremlin’s numbers.

    It is reported that Russia is secretly transporting corpses of fallen Russian soldiers home at night on trains and ambulances via Belarus, to try and hide the true scale of the death toll.

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