Push To Bring Back Youth Hockey/Sports After “Pause” | #socialmedia

A movement is underway on social media to lobby the government to reopen arenas and other sporting venues for youth athletics immediately after the latest round of COVID restrictions end.

It’s being led by Dryden GM Ice Dogs President Mike Sveinson, frustrated with another lockdown impacting kids of all ages.

Sveinson says as a father to a minor hockey player, he has seen too much heartache and tears, and stresses it’s time for parents, volunteers, fans and leaders in the hockey community to drop the gloves and fight for kids.

He has launched an Online Petition

Sveinson is also encouraging folks to write a letter, or use their voice.

He stresses the time to remain on the sidelines has ended, and we can either be part of the solution or part of the problem.

Sveinson adds there’s a great local volunteer team in place that is concerned with the physical, mental health, and overall well-being of youth.

When it comes to the Ice Dogs, Sveinson is confident players, staff, fans and volunteers will be back in the rink.

He notes everyone is better prepared compared to the last shutdown.

Sveinson adds he is in constant contact with those involved to stay connected and provide updates.

The current restrictions are scheduled to end January 26.

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