Punjab Bans Teachers From Using Social Media | #socialmedia

The Government of Punjab has banned college teachers from using social media platforms and speaking to media outlets. The ban has been imposed by the Directorate of Public Instructions (DPI) Colleges and applies to all teachers and principals of government colleges across the province.

Punjab Bans Teachers From Using Social Media.

According to the notification, the college teachers in Punjab have been banned from using social media platforms and talking to conventional media outlets. It states that under the Rules, no government servant can participate in any social media platforms and talk to conventional media outlets except with express permission of the government. It states that Rule 18 bars a government servant from sharing any official information or documents with a government servant unauthorized to receive it or a private person or press.

Furthermore, Rule 22 restricts a government servant from making any statement of fact or opinion which may embarrass the government in any published document, communication, television programme or radio broadcast. Rules 21, 25, 25-A and 25 B bars government servants from expressing views against ideology and integrity of Pakistan or any government policy or decision.

Government servants are also bared from offering views and opinion on social media that may harm national security or friendly relations with another state: or offend public order, decency or morality; or amount to contempt of court or defamation or incitement to an offence; or, propagate sectarian creeds. The notification states that it has observed that government servants often engage themselves in a number of such acts.

Therefore, the DPI has decided to imposed a ban on college teachers in Punjab from using any social media platform and speaking with conventional media outlets. In case of violation of the directives issued by the DPI, the teachers will undergo disciplinary proceedings.

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