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Bengaluru: The department of PU education is attempting to have a strong social media presence to connect with PU students across the state. The department is hosting a Facebook Live every week on various issues impacting students.These sessions cover career counselling, exam tips and handling anxiety, among others. The first session aired on September 28 was on career in company secretaryship. On Thursday, the talk was all about facing exams. “For students in rural areas, especially from poor families, any sort of guidance is rare. In terms of careers, they tend to follow their seniors, who are equally less-informed. While we were looking at options to connect to students, we realised it is impossible to go college by college. We have 1,240 government, 900 aided and 3,500 private PU colleges in the state. The easiest way is to reach out through social media,” said director of PU education R Snehal. The department has started using Facebook and YouTube as of now and is contemplating moving on to other platforms like Instagram and Twitter in future. The first talk garnered around 6,500 views.“We plan to bring industry experts to talk to students. There are several new careers that a large number of students are unaware of. We plan to reach out to the students,” she said. The link of the page has been sent to students via SMS. “It is also a place to unify everyone. We do not want to just focus on government colleges. Everyone will get a space. We also plan to upload photos of events happening in colleges so that students can feel connected to the page,” the director added.


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