Province Confirms Health Care System Victim of Cyber Attack | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

The provincial government is confirming that regional health authorities have been hit by a cyber attack that has rendered most of their critical systems unavailable.

The incident was discovered early Saturday morning according to Pat Hepditch the Vice President of Solutions and Infrastructure with the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information.

He says they heard from both Central Health and Eastern Health and it soon became clear that they were looking at a “pretty extensive outage in the IT infrastructure supporting the RHAs.”

Health Minister John Haggie says Western Health is also affected and has now been taken offline affecting a wide range of non-emergency services.

Haggie says security experts and law enforcement authorities have been contacted and are investigating.

He told reporters this morning that those involved in the attack may be monitoring what’s being said in the media and on the floor of the house. That’s why, he says, it’s important that they don’t do or say anything that will compromise the efforts underway to investigate and resolve the matter.

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