Protecting Yourself From Fraud — Sahan Journal | #phishing | #scams

These steps can help protect your money and your information. How a simple email or text message could open you up to fraud.  

The pandemic has accelerated identity theft – and the impact on regular people is significant. In fact, Americans have lost more than $382 million to scams related to stimulus checks and unemployment benefits, fake treatments for COVID-19 and more, according to the Federal Trade Commission.  

Even worse, Black and Latinx consumers are more likely to be victims of fraud than their white counterparts.  That’s why it’s crucial to recognize activity designed to steal your hard-earned money.   

JPMorgan Chase is available to help consumers learn to spot suspicious activity – from fake emails and texts to bogus claims about ways to stay healthy.  We sat down with Hodan Ahmed, local branch manager from the Chase branch on E. Franklin in Ventura Village, for some frequently asked questions (FAQ), and to discuss tips and best practices for securing a better financial future.

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