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The FiiTii Kido wireless headphones are a nifty set of headphones for young ones that sit nicely, look good, have simple and clear buttons, and importantly, limit sound to 85dB.

If your young ones are like mine, they’re right into a current trend of screaming YouTubers playing Roblox games or other things. Maybe I’m not the target audience but I’m not a fan. The content is pure, by all means, and shows lots of tricks and tips but, well, I’d prefer not to hear it. Or, perhaps your little one is listening calmly to some music, playing a game, or whatever it might be on a tablet or computer.

However you and your children choose to spend their screen time, it’s important to preserve the sanity of adults and the precious earbuds of children alike.

While many low-cost headphones abound they lack durability so you’ll have to buy another soon, they lack comfort so your children won’t want to use them anyway, and they lack sound protection.

The FiiTii Kido range comes in boy and girl variants, with different colours and imagery across the headband. They’re purely wireless, using Bluetooth 5.0, and so have no cables to get tangled. They offer a tremendous 30+ hours of battery life with 10 minutes of rapid charging giving three hours of usage, and they always limit the volume to a maximum of 85dB making them safe for even the youngest music fans.

By comparison, a whisper is 30dB and a regular conversation is 60dB. A washing machine is 70dB. Driving in a car is 120dB and flying in a plane is 150dB. So, 85dB is a pretty safe range for your children without any worry of sudden yells, screams or explosions in their content causing concern – or, of course, them accidentally turning the volume right up.

In fact, there is science behind the FiiTii Kido’s limit. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) you can listen to sounds at 85dB for eight hours before suffering any hearing damage. The safe listening time is cut in half for every three decibels of noise increase over 85dB. So you definitely want to be sure your loved ones aren’t blasting loud noises into their ears. Remember that decibels are a logarithmic scale so a 100dB sound is actually twice as loud as a 90dB one. In any case, the point is hearing matters, and protecting your hearing is important. Having headphones that limit input noise to 85dB is a great method of protection.

The headphones have easy-to-use child-friendly clear big buttons for volume up and down (a plus and minus button respectively), a power button, and a USB-C socket – and that’s it! There are no confusing symbols, no other buttons to get in the way. It’s simple and intuitive to all.

The headphones have a collapsible design for easy storage and carrying, and a detachable USB-C boom microphone which you can leave unplugged if your child isn’t going to be speaking on, say, a Skype call to their grandparents – and if you want to be sure they aren’t participating in random Discord calls.

The FiiTii Kido headphones are manufactured by Mifo Technology and available through Amazon AU for $59 including free delivery, Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon CA. Pricing includes local taxes.

And yes, my own seven-year-old loves them and takes great pride in his own fancy headset and, thankfully, I can keep an eye on the videos he watches without having to hear them too.

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