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Four British athletes have been the victims of cyber attack where their intimate photographs and videos were posted online. This attack has affected hundreds of female sports stars and celebrities.

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The latest attack was on England’s female sports stars. One of British athlete had almost 100 private images stolen in the iCloud leak. 

These athletes, who have been the victim of this attack, will be taking steps to have the content removed from the dark web. 

“It really is difficult to know what to do next,” the agent of one victim told The Times. “The people who do this are sick. We have seen some very unpleasant cases, even where people have been blackmailed over [stolen] material.”

‘But it’s not easy to get a grip on the situation and go after them. It can take years to pursue, just to get it taken down from the internet. As a victim you have to decide if you want to go through it.’

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According to a spokesman for the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said: “Accessing and then leaking people’s personal data is utterly reprehensible, and we would urge everyone to take steps to secure their online accounts.”

“The NCSC recommends people turn on two-factor authentication where it’s available. We also recommend a strong password made up of three random words to reduce the likelihood of being hacked, and important accounts should use a unique password. The NCSC’s Cyber Aware website has actionable steps to stay secure.”

The cybercriminals have targetted iCloud, which is owned by Apple. The tech giant is yet to comment on the issue. This news comes when English club Manchester United confirmed they had been targeted in a cyberattack in what the club described as “a sophisticated operation by organised cyber criminals”.

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