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Director of Ark Cyber Security Consultants, David Tekwie has urged the government and organizations to priorities funding and resources in the cyber security sector.

Cyber safety and security issues is ever revolving, and the country and organizations are being urged to prioritize relevant technologies to create a stable environment in preventing cyber-attacks.

The recent cyber ransomware cyber-attack on the Finance Department, specifically the government’s payroll system shocked the country, with experts pleading on the government as a “Wake up call” to tighten up, in the development of legislation and the appropriate technology.

“Prioritize investment for cybersecurity and relevant technology training for staff, regardless of the size of the organization,” Mr Tekwie added.

Meantime, Solomon Sua CEO of Cyber Security PNG limited said cyber threats is the new emerging pandemic. He said artificial intelligence could most possibly address cyber-attacks.

The ICT experts are calling on the government to have the relevant policies and guidelines in place to create an environment that is safe for the internet consumers.

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