Pressing ‘cancel’ twice on ATM before a transaction can prevent PIN theft? | #socialmedia

An increased number of viral and fake messages are being circulated daily on social media platforms. One of the messages that had been doing rounds on social media a few years ago has yet again surfaced online.

As per the WhatsApp forward, the users have been urged to press cancel twice before a transaction. The message attributed to RBI claims that doing so can prevent PIN theft.

Government issues clarification on viral post on ATM PIN theft

Taking to Twitter, the government has issued a clarification that the social media post is ‘false’. The post goes on to suggest a so-called ‘useful tip’ that can be used while withdrawing funds from an ATM. Further, it urges the user to press the cancel button twice before inserting the card into the ATM machine. It adds that if a person has set up the keypad to steal the ATM pin, then pressing cancel twice will cancel the setup. The viral post has also urged users to make this a regular habit before going ahead with any transaction. 

However, the government has issued clarity has stated that the post is false and has not been issued by the RBI. Moreover, it has suggested ways to prevent ATM pin code fraud. Users have been suggested to conduct their transfer in privacy. Secondly, users have also been urged to refrain from writing their ATM pins on cards. 

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