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JOE Biden joked that he’s not going back to the United States as he took in the beautiful English scenery today before his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Bidens met the UK leader and his wife Carrie Johnson in Cornwall this afternoon, where the president and Johnson had their bilateral talks and signed the Atlantic Charter.

Later, Biden announced that the USA would donate 800million of their vaccine doses to “supply the world by the end of June,” as well as purchasing half a million more doses to donate to 100 countries.

It comes after the US issued an official diplomatic censure to Britain because the UK’s stance disrupted supplies into Northern Ireland, resulting in violent riots over the past few months. Biden still has the G7 summit, a meeting with Queen Elizabeth, and tense talks with Vladimir Putin, on the horizon.

Biden has set the stakes for his eight-day trip in sweeping terms, believing that the West must publicly demonstrate it can compete economically with China as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

The paramount priority for Biden, who left on Wednesday for his first stop in the United Kingdom, is to convince the world that his Democratic administration is not just a fleeting deviation in the trajectory of an American foreign policy.

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    Today, President Biden visited the U.K. at the invitation of the Prime Minister and in advance of the G7 Summit.

    They set out a global vision in a new Atlantic Charter and the main takeaways are below:

    Key points:

    • Democracy, human rights, and multilateralism
    • Defense
    • Science and technology
    • Trade and prosperity
    • Climate and nature
    • Health
    • Commitment to Northern Ireland

    You can read their joint statement here.


    Gun-toting Rep Lauren Boebert issued a scathing statement after Joe Biden praised the beauty of Cornwall, noting it was “gorgeous” and he “didn’t want to go home” during his meeting with Boris Johnson.

    “Joe, for once you and I are in total agreement. Don’t come home! Enjoy the UK! I really mean it. Have all the fish and chips you want. Follow your heart!” she tweeted.


    Biden promised the USA would step up during times of crisis.

    “This is about our responsibility, our humanitarian obligation to save as many lives as we can & our responsibility to our values,” he said.

    “We value the inherent dignity of all people. In times of trouble, Americans reach out to offer help.”


    Immediately after his press briefing with Pfizer’s CEO, Biden released this statement:


    Speaking from the podium in Cornwall, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said the company have the ability to produce a new vaccine within 100 days “if needed.”

    He noted that Biden’s announcement brought the world closer to its goal of defeating the virus to “win the battle against Covid-19.”


    Joe Biden and Boris Johnson released an enormous statement after their meeting.

    It is 3,000 words long.


    Biden said that the vaccine doses indicated that Americans are willing to “step up” during times of need.

    “The British government, the PM, has led a strong campaign across the UK [to vaccinate people,” he said.

    He said tomorrow the G7 leaders would announcing the full scope of their plan.

    Biden said “we have to turn manufacturing doses into shots in arms to protect communities.”


    Biden said the USA’s vaccine doses don’t include pressure for favors.

    “That’s it. Period,” he said.


    USA will buy half a billion doses from Pfizer to donate to 100 nations in dire need, Biden said.


    Touting America’s efforts in the fight against Covid-19, Biden confirmed that the USA would donate 800million of their vaccine doses to “supply the world by the end of June.”


    Biden said that America would be the “arsenal of vaccines” and democracy.



    Biden said “as long as the virus rages elsewhere, there’s a risk of new mutations that could threaten our people.”

    He pointed out that Covid weakens governments and noted that the key to going back to normal is vaccinating the people.


    He’s speaking outside some of the villas at Tregenna Castle where the G7 leaders are staying, reports say.


    Biden said he and Boris spoke about cycber attacks and climate change during their meeting.

    He said they would focus and coordinate to vaccinate the world.

    “America knows first hand the tragedies of this pandemic,” he said. “600,000 of our fellow Americans … more deaths from Covid-19 in the US than from WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, and 9/11 combined.

    “We also know the path to recovery.. we’ve now vaccinated 64percent of our adults with one shot… It took a Herculean effort to manage one of the biggest challenges.

    “It took the full capacity of American companies.”

    He said they would focus and coordinate to vaccinate the world

    “Today would have been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday,” he began. “I’ve had a good first full day here in the UK … Very productive meeting.”

    Biden said he “affirmed the special relationship between our people” with Boris Johnson.


    Biden is walking to the podium to give his Covid-19 address from the UK.


    • Afghanistan 
    • Iran
    • Russia
    • Climate change
    • A free trade agreement
    • Northern Ireland
    • Recommitted to Good Friday Agreement

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has touched down in the UK. He has recently said he intends to quarantine in an Ottawa hotel after his European trip.

    Other leaders are also starting to arrive before the G7 summit tomorrow.


    Johnson also described his bilateral talks with the US president today as “very good.”

    He praised the Biden administration as “it’s new and interesting” and revealed that their meeting today went well, reported a Financial Times reporter in the UK.


    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed that dealing with US President Joe Biden is a “breath of fresh air,” reported a BBC journalist.

    He also said that rather than a widely reported Northern Ireland dispute, they were in “complete harmony” over the need to sort out the situation.

    Tensions have exploded over Brexit-induced trade and supply disruptions in NI, which resulted in violent riots over the past few months.


    Joe Biden and Boris Johnson’s new Atlantic Charter restates commitment to Northern Ireland GFA.

    It pledges that both countries will be “working closely with all parties to the Agreement to protect its delicate balance and realize its vision for reconciliation, consent, equality, respect for rights, and parity of esteem,” per reports.


    Donald Trump hit out at Joe Biden this morning:


    Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security advisor, confirmed reports from yesterday about billions of US vaccine doses being donated to other countries in need:


    Rep Lauren Boebert issued a double-dig directed at Joe Biden after he met with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and VP Kamala Harris trip to Guatemala and Mexico to address the border issues there.

    “So now that Biden has been to Europe, does that mean Kamala can go to the border now?” she tweeted, in reference to Harris dismissing why she had yet to visit the overrun area by the Rio Grande river.

    “It’s sad to realize that Joe Biden will be less competent than every world leader he will be meeting with. It just bodes awfully for America that this is the guy who will be negotiating on our behalf.”

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